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I Have Completely Turned Around My Sexual Ability - Info & Tips on Reverse Kegels

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  • I Have Completely Turned Around My Sexual Ability - Info & Tips on Reverse Kegels

    Tips & Info at the Bottom

    So it all starts with the story most people with premature ejaculation start off with: I did too many kegels and wasn't informed. I remember when I was younger I would make my dick "dance", as I called it, randomly, not knowing I was making that muscle really strong and tight, making me orgasm much faster than is usual for someone who doesn't suffer with mental over-stimulation (or not too much of it). I had no idea what 'damage' I was causing and could last 30-60 minutes wanking but would struggle every few minutes from the urge to cum, sometimes I would back-reverse kegel without really knowing what I was doing but noticing it stopped my urge to cum. But because I didn't really know what I was doing, I disregarded it after a while. I think I must have kegelled everyday for about 8 years without any reverse-kegels because I had NO IDEA what they were, blissfully ignorant to what I was doing. However, if you read the title, you know this is a success story, and I am really proud and happy with what I have achieved because it wasn't easy, you probably know that because you're on this forum, and I am happy for you if you have found success too, feels like you can conquer the world now doesn't it?

    So I was really confused to start with, obviously, everybody is, like what, to reverse kegel do I need to try and get pee in that area or do I just relax it? I had many nights doing involuntary kegels and thinking what am I doing wrong? Now I realise that because I was just a week in, obviously I wasn't going to have got much done, it takes a long time, however annoying that is. However, many nights watching porn and trying to reverse kegel on the journey to college, I soon found a rhythm. I would just reverse kegel whenever I had time, baring in mind I had been doing kegels for about 9 years with no idea the consequences, so it was going to be a marathon of reverse-kegelling to get absolutely anywhere. Yes it was depressing at times, especially when I went to my now girlfriends house on valentines day and came 4 times in about 6 minutes, even though I had drunk so much my eyes were in different time zones (which usually makes me involuntarily last an hour of furiously wanking - I don't know why). It felt shit, especially since she had a guy who could last however long he wanted before me. However, maybe a month, maybe plus a week or two, I went round her house, having masturbated pretty much everyday since then, reverse kegelling everyday too for at least an hour or something like that (again I would fit it in whenever I could to relax my now metal strength cock) and she ended up sucking me off. Since when I masturbate I tend to masturbate very fast, to condition myself not to cum when a girl is going slow on me (maybe riding or whatever), I don't tend to get myself riled up too fast too soon when getting jacked off or sucked off (more nowadays than before), which was good but I would still cum fast before because of my kegel strength, but I lasted an hour (she was on her period so I couldn't try anything else)! It felt amazing, both lasting that long and obviously what the girl was doing to me. She was none the wiser of the techniques of reverse kegelling I was using, and I even used a reverse-back kegel at one point to relax myself, which was foreign to me at the time and felt like freestyling. The point is progress was being made!

    Now, the dry orgasm stage of my progress. Due to the fact I had such strong kegel muscles I could dry orgasm effortlessly, I read the article on it, and bang I did it. Easy as that, it felt so good to have that option if still my kegels were too strong and tight. That was the point my sexual ability sky rocketted. I could orgasm up to 4 four times before it got ridiculous during sex and she wouldn't even know, although my face might tell the tale of a bit of tension. However, this isn't what I wanted. I wanted to have sex without worrying about cumming. I didn't want to have to do what felt like a cheat. I know maybe that is just me, but I'd rather have one great orgasm at the end, rather than 4, which just made me feel a bit pathetic again, like at valentines day. (Maybe you are aiming for dry orgasms and that's all good, do what you feel is right for you and good luck! It just wasn't making ME happy, again good luck yourself!) So I just continued them during sex if I had to, but would reverse kegel whenever I could again. A couple months later and I had sex, THE SEX, the best sex of my life. I lasted an hour and a half, maybe more, we weren't counting whilst fucking, because my pelvic floor was so calm and balanced I only had to do reverse kegels a few times. It felt great. I was so happy afterwards. Finally, I was there, I was happy. Due to all the porn I had watched in the past, over years of kegelling whilst wanking, I had a lot of tricks I knew and now could perform without worrying about how long I could last. I could fuck fast and deep or whatever I wanted. Now my girlfriend says I'm the best she's ever had because of this forum. Thank you so much for all your posts, it has changed my life.

    Info & Tips

    If you're struggling to reverse kegel maybe try thinking of the area - the connecting muscular bit inbetween your balls that stretches from the bottom of your penis to just above your butt hole - having maybe a cone shape pushing outwards from it. Just try pushing that softly that area, whilst trying to relax and breathe. Maybe try pushing out pee, obviously not actually peeing, but trying to, often that helps me in an attempt to relax my pelvic floor when it isn't.

    Every time you pee, don't kegel to stop peeing at the end, it's tightening your kegel area. As well as this, try and pee hard, so push that area, this will expand the muscle responsible for reverse kegel and obviously stretch it and loosen it.

    When masturbating to stop involuntary kegels I've found that focusing on the floor of my pelvic region and slightly tensing it, but mostly just focusing on the area just above my penis, would stop it. It's a bit of trial and error and does require a quite loose pelvic floor.

    If you don't notice results within four months that satisfy you maybe try reverse-back kegel, this is where you and try fart. When I do a reverse-back kegel, I just imagine trying to stretch my ass hole and out. This loosens my pelvic floor a lot and because I'm fairly sure my back-reverse kegel is still quite tight and the technique is easy to get right, it calms my pelvic floor so much and I feel refreshed and like I'm not going to cum for a while.

    If you are worried about talks of becoming incontinent if you only reverse kegel for a long time, the talk is only partly true, you may pee a little and it's not great as you may expect. Sometimes when I reverse-kegel I do have the urge to pee. It's very manageable if you have a strong kegel muscle like I do, but obviously it's not ideal so i do sometimes do a few kegels just for balance.

    Just a note. Thank you for every post anyone has made. It's helped me a lot and vastly increased my happiness. I really truly hope anyone struggling with premature ejaculation can sort their problem out just like me. I would do it all over again if I had to because the confidence I have gained is incredible. Thank you for everything.
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      I do hope you'll stay active here. I think you could
      be of great help to others, and to the site in general.

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        I think he likes you! ^^^

        The name's Tamora...TVR Tamora...with a capital "T".

        Lots of living to do yet unseen and a more stories yet untold!


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          Thanks for the welcoming responses!

          Just want to help other people really, don't want people to feel as shit as I did about my situation. There are a lot of posts I want to make, so I guess I could be a help to the site! I think there are a lot of posts with very technical terminology, sometimes just saying try to pee is all people need to hear in order not to be confused about reverse kegels or something - which is why I am going to post a lot.


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            Thanks for the detailed post papa harry.

            You seem like an expert on this topic and Iíve been experiencing related issues which confuses me. Iíve been kegeling for the past 2+ months in my routine, and my EQ and endurance have both increased. Now the latter seem to go against the standard belief in this forum- that too many kegels leads to PE, which is the opposite of what Iím experiencing.
            Iíve always thought doing kegels would strengthen the pelvic floor, and the result of a strong pelvic floor is that it can remain relaxed and not contract involuntarily. And as of now this is what Iím experiencing. I now last at least 30 minutes (which to me is long), and sometimes I have to intentionally squeeze my pelvic muscle in order to climax. Now 30+ minutes might not be long for many of you but for me itís gotten to the point where I kind of want to tone it back and be able ejaculate sooner sometimes. Would you have any advice on that? Should I just cut back on the kegels? Thanks


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              Sorry for the slow reply man, hope you see this anyway.

              So you say you've been kegelling for the past 2 months without any issues with premature ejaculation? There is no issue with your routine if your EQ is not decreasing or you're struggling to hold in pee. The idea that a strong pelvic floor would result in a floor that relaxes easily and wouldn't contract involuntarily is wrong. The strength of your kegel muscle is probably a lot to do with the fact you're struggling to ejaculate sometimes, when you tense the kegel muscle it tightens the stringy muscle both sides of your penis and because of this tightness it becomes less relaxed and you will involuntarily kegel more often. Due to what you said you said I presume you have a weak kegel muscle and that is why there seems to be a weird reverse effect of what should happen, because the strength is not quite there yet you're not experiencing a lot of tightness. If you want to cum earlier then hold back on reverse kegels for the day if you know you want to cum quicker or kegel during masturbation towards the start. Sometimes if you reverse back kegel really hard (push your ass hole out) it will push out cum.

              Try root lock kegels perhaps, so hold a kegel for about 7 seconds each time and focus on breathing. For me root lock kegels are insane for tightening your pelvic floor.

              Good luck.