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How to make sure Iím doing exercises correctly? Videos?

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  • How to make sure Iím doing exercises correctly? Videos?

    Hi Im ready to begin PE but when reading the JP90 routine, I noticed the video links were no longer working. Is there anywhere else I can see how the exercises are done? My fear is doing them incorrectly and wont see any gaind ir even worse, injure myself.

    Also, im looking to add 1 inch length and 1 inch girth. If I get that I will be more than happy. Will the JP90 be my best bet?

    I noticed the jp90 doesnt have stretching exercises. Should i incorporate those? Just really want to get a solid foundation and effective exercises.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Gaining 1 inch in length is a very realistic goal. Gaining 1 inch in girth is certainly possible too but that is likely going to take some time and advanced exercises. The JP90 is a great routine and you likely make some gains with it but it's primarily a conditioning routine.

    The JP90 does include stretching exercises.

    Basic Stretching Exercises

    Grasp your warmed up FLACCID, (Try and stay as flaccid as you can for these stretching exercises, less than 30% erection is ideal) penis between the thumb and first finger at the base. Palm toward belly. Stretch out slightly and do what are called "Helicopter Shakes." Using your wrist, swing your penis around in a circle, about 5 revs per second for a quick count of 20. (kind of like twirling a key chain)

    Grasp your penis behind the glans in the O.K. grip palm down and stretch to the left holding the stretch against the theigh.
    While holding this stretch, do 25 quick Kegels. (count to 25)
    Next, while still holding the stretch, pull straight out and do 10 stretches in a BIG circle to the left and 10 to the right holding the pull.
    Try to rub your hand across your belly as you do these.

    Return to the base and repeat "Helicopter Shakes". It will be easier to do now, as your flaccid length will be longer. This will get the blood back into the glans.

    Stretch to the right and do 25 quick Kegels. Pull straight out and do 10 BIG circles to the left and ten circles to the right.

    Repeat "Helicopter Shakes."

    Stretch straight out, do Kegels, repeat circle stretches.

    Repeat "Helicopter Shakes."

    Stretch straight up do Kegels and repeat circle stretches.

    Finish with "Helicopter Shakes."

    These are the basic stretching exercises to do, as a prelude to the next step, Wet Jelqing.
    It's now recommended that a beginner should not kegel while stretching. Do your kegels separately.

    Here are some videos and a diagram that show how to do the exercises.

    basic penis stretch

    Slow Crank Stretch(circle stretching)

    Jelq Video page

    How to V-jelq (Illustrations) - PEGym
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      Thank u so much for that! Another question if u dont mind, what exercises should I incorporate after I condition myself with the jp90? I plan to sdo the jp90 for a couple months but curious which exercises benefit length and especially girth?

      Im not being lazy but after reading so much info everything gets kinda confusing lol. I was planning on buying an extender (phallosan forte) but ive read some dont see many gains or have issues (plus im uncut). Should I just stick to PE exercises and avoid incorporating a bathmate or extender? Thanks for any input, really appreciate it


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        You need to follow the JP90 through for the full 90 days before moving on to anything advanced or adding devices. If you are making gains with the JP90 at the end of the 90 days then stick with it until you hit a plateau. When it's time to move on there are some advanced routines you could try or just create your own to target your specific needs. Adding a device at this point is another option.

        Yes there is a lot of information and it can be confusing at first. Just keep reading and asking questions over the 90 days and you will be ready and knowledgeable when the time comes for you to move on to other exercises.
        To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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          This should be the go-to page for exercise data and videos:
          What Are Penis Exercises? How to Get a Bigger, Harder & Healthier Penis
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