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  • Stretching directions

    Which directions should you stretch?as a newbie 3 months in?

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    I stretch in every direction.
    Downwards, Outwards, Upwards, Side to Side and also Diagonally in every angle for manual stretches.

    These are fine and are newbie friendly, there is a lot of gains to be made with manual stretching imo, although slow, with an extender I feel as if the initial process can be sped up a little.
    2018 Goal: 16CM EL, 13CM Shaft EG, 14.5CM Mid EG, 15CM Base EG


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      Well When I jelq I get a better stretch when I stretch downwards at the same time as jelqing... If I just hold a tight grip and only stretch. I feel like im squeezing too hard to maintain the stationary grip on my penis.. I too wonder which direction is the best for stretching because When my Penis faces up it looks shorter. When I stretch downwards in the shower I Deff feel it in the ligs. So Id say try straight down. Youll feel it....
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      EG: 5.5 inches


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        30 seconds BTC to the right
        30 seconds BTC center
        30 seconds BTC to the left
        30 seconds down to right
        30 seconds down to center
        30 seconds down to left
        30 seconds straight out to right
        30 seconds straight out to center
        30 seconds straight out to left
        30 seconds up to right
        30 seconds up
        30 seconds up to left

        That's 1 set - Do 3-4 sets total

        That routine is tried and true for all (beginner or conditioned).
        Original/Current Stats:
        09 / 2017: BPEL 6.75" / NBPEL 6" / MEG 4.75" / BPFSL 7.25"
        09 / 2019: BPEL 7.625" / NBPEL 6.625" / MEG 5" / BPFSL 8.125"

        Realistic Goals:
        BPEL 8" / NBPEL 7.0" / MEG 5.25"


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          Tester1to7 is totally right.
          I have an extender that I use for 8 hours.
          I do 4 hours before the stretching and jelqin and four hours after exercises.
          In my case I still stretch manually because I feel a lot of pleasure doing it.
          Not sexual