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  • Full List of Known Penis exercises


    I read the theory about PE, tunica, and soft-tissue limiting factor.

    I also read routine-creation

    I was wondering, is there a list of all known PE so I can get creative with my own routine.

    My limiting factor is soft-tissue because my erection is impotent at it's best and I really want to focus on soft-tissue development.

    I was thinking of picking and choosing exercises that targets soft-tissue development (jelqing, v-jelqs) and having 1 stretching exercise to train my tunica.

    Thank you.

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    video listings:

    go hunting here:
    Site map:

    and if you would google this : ' exercises : '
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      Oh, a book. Will there be a book on DO, MMO, wave orgasms, sexual stamina, etc?


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        The book costs more from the Amazon site. I have downloaded a lot of the videos, just in case I have forgotten how to do a Uli, I haven't, or the Horse which I like. I know, it is only for advanced PE devotees, and I am the new boy, stick to the simple stuff. The Horse is simple.

        I would like to donate a copy of the book to the Alice Springs Library, for altruistic reasons.
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          You may want to read up on PE before compiling this list of exercises, especially the sections on anatomy.

          I'm not sure where you heard this theory but it doesn't apply to everyone. And even if your tunica does limit your size you're still going to gain size. You may have to work harder around this obstacle to reach your full potential but a tough tunica isn't going to stop your gains for good.

          You don't need a ton of exercises to grow. In fact the fewer exercises and the simpler your routine the better. Pick one or two for each goal and work them as hard as you can while paying attention to safety and recovery. Focus on one goal at a time and see if your aren't gaining massive size after 3-4 months.
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