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Thinner at the bottom of shaft.

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  • Thinner at the bottom of shaft.

    Hi Chaps,

    Just a quick question really.

    I have just started my JP90 routine and am looking forward to some results in 3 months, however I have noticed that after stretching and during my OK jelqs, the bottom of my penis is quite substantially thinner than the middle and top.

    This can make the jelqing awkward as I have to have a narrower grip to begin with, moving to a wider grip slightly above, all whilst trying to maintain an even pressure.

    My question is, what can I do to overcome this? Can you reverse jelq perhaps? Or is it just a case of persisting with the current routine and seeing how it develops.

    I haven't measured girth yet (will at some point), and would just like to gain some length at the moment, however I don't really fancy having a baseball bat effect. I also can't imagine it helps with EQ if the bottom is thinner than the rest?!?!

    Any ideas? (sorry for the essay)


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    I suspect you just have to work, with what you have, we get members with all kinds of shapes and sizes, and variations of all sorts.

    Perhaps, someone will have a suggestion, like using some sort of Jelqing tool. Oh hey, welcome to the forums !
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      Yes you can reverse jelq. Also work on relaxing your Pelvic floor. If it is too tight it can restrict the base from expanding enough.


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        I have this issue too... What works for me is when I'm jelqing, as I'm starting with the O grip, I push it all the way into my fat pad, then squeeze slightly to get blood into the bottom of the shaft locked in and jelq as usual. It definitely feels like I'm working the bottom of my shaft doing that.
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          Thanks for the responses lads, really appreciate it!