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Erection size looks smaller post circumcision

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  • Erection size looks smaller post circumcision

    I am 27 and I got circumcised 18 days ago. Everything went smooth and I have been healing quite well. Morning boners are still a bit uncomfortable but not as painful as before. However, I noticed that my penis looks way smaller after erected compared to pre circumcision. So, I am a bit worried. Could this be because I am still healing and things will be back to normal in the next couple of weeks? Kindly suggest

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    I was circumcised as a child, I don't remember the event. For adults, circumcision takes a while to heal up, not the scars but the trauma. Your penis has been through quite a fight and needs a lot of time to get back to full condition. I don't know why you were circumcised or how your penis looked erect before circumcision, what I mean is a lot of uncircumcised men (I have learned this via my uncircumcised brothers who were quite free and easy about their erections) do not retract their foreskins during erection, their penises are still fully covered. Those men when circumcised would appear smaller looking in erection as the foreskin would have added length, and girth to the penis. Just wait and be patient, 18 days is not that long a recovery.