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    Hi there,

    Firstly just like to say how great a find this website was...the ideas have given me some motivation to work these exercises on a daily basis, so ta!

    I noticed the hardness of my erection deteriorate over the last couple of months, and also more noteably during an encounter at the weekend where I went just about totally flaccid after about 10 minutes.

    Anyway, I've just been reading over some of the exercises and came across the Jelq and some other stretching ones...however I am wary that my penis is quite thin already and wondered if these stretching techniques would stretch my penis length wise, taking away the thickness?

    I don't mind about gaining length, I just need to build on the strength and thickness of my erection, and wondered if there were particular exercises that pose these benefits.

    Thanks a lot!

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    First, welcome to the Gym, Rogerthat!
    To my knowledge, stretches do not thin out your penis. However, if erection quality (EQ) is your issue (it was mine as well), then you want to get on a regular routine of kegels. There are several excellent threads on the subject but here is a link to some very helpful articles: Kegel
    I do not recommend kegels everyday but rather every other day.
    Also, take a look at and
    One last bit of advice (for now): start a log thread on the Progress Forum. It makes a nice place for you to keep notes and to ask questions and it makes it easier for others to offer advice and encouragement.
    Plus, it is great fun to brag about your gains when they start showing up!
    Good luck and thanks for joining and for posting!
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      Hi rogerthat,

      I think you will find that if you combine jelqing with stretching you will be enhancing girth as well as length - in fact you may well notice that girth is your first noticeable gain. Suggest you follow JP's 90 day program as set out elsewhere on this site and post your measurements and gains periodically. Welcome and good luck.
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        Cheers for the replies lads, I'll start the JP routine!

        One more question before I do though...I have a tight frenelum + only usually pull my foreskin all the way over the head during sex, never through masturbation.

        I was wondering if I should sort this problem out before I started?

        Thanks again


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          give it a proper workout

          I cannot ever recall if my foreskin was ever that tight/ or if I was unable to retract it for any reason. Maybe because I think that as soon as I discovered the fine art of satisfying my needs, I regularly worked that thing as part of the adolescent proceedings. What I am saying is you might consider getting a hold of that thing & begin to work it more. You want to take control of it, not have it dictate you. Go gently over time, and never run while holding scissors.
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