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  • New guy looking for more

    I have researched and lurked from the shadows since high school. I have a slightly above average size and decent stamina. After being with my wife for 10 years I am looking to find enhancement in just about every aspect. My main goal is to increase size and stamina. Right now I am researching more and executing a mixture of kegels, jelqing and stretching via a phalloguage. I have also recently started the "NoFap" experience. Any advice or guidance is well appreciated. I'm looking forward to what the site can teach me.

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    JP90's is what I'm currently using and am seeing results after one week. Also, there is a thread on supplements that is well worth a look.

    JP's 90 Day Beginner Routine
    Vitamins, Supplements, & Related Information


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      I am in the middle of research and wanted to go over with you what todays routine looks like and let you know if this a good place to start.

      I made a rice sock this morning and heated it up for 2:30 mins. This got it nice and hot and retained heat quite well. I warmed up for roughly 15-20 mins while I watched a show.

      I started out doing some light hand stretching in all directions and did some helicopter shakes just to get the blood flowing

      I then started doing some jelqs. Honestly I didn't count repetitions. I would do a set consisting of the O.K. grip on either side and then did the reverse O.K. grip. I would do one stroke on all four grips and pause for 3 seconds at the gland. I will say I was kind of just messing around. I would pull to the side some, up some and down some. Really just seeing how it felt in all directions. In between each set I would either do some kegels or roll my hands down the penis like you did with play-doh has kid to make a snake. Just to keep everything warmed up.

      At the end I did bring myself to full erection and took some measurements. I know these numbers are little off due to the fact there was a pump involved. The BPEL was 6.75 and the EG was 4.5.

      I think took a shower to clean off the oil and apply some heat after the exercises. I now have my phalloguage on a pretty conservative tension. I'm not trying to push anything to hard and I will probably adjust the tension through out the day very little each time.

      For those who are curious I wear the phalloguage for roughly 5-6 hours a day. I might increase the duration or at least the pull force after a week or two.

      My goal is to not overdue or rush the process. I want to keep this routine as consistent as I can with Jelging probably every other day or at least every third day. Really I am just going to see how my body responds and what it is telling me. I view it like working out. You have to push the limits slightly to see what is too much for you. You know 2 days after a workout if you over did it on squats or now. I'm not pushing for injury. I definitely don't want to go through the motions with no results either. I'm just having to find the balance in the middle at the moment

      My goal is hopefully in a 2-3 months is to add some moderate hanging in to the routine. As suggested, I do know you have to build up to that. I want to see where jelging, kegels, NoFap and the phallogauge will do for my size, EQ and more importantly my stamina. All advice and criticism is welcomed.


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        I also wanted to see what your recommendations were on adding a bathmate to the routine. Is this something I need to wait for a few months? Or can you integrate earlier if you take it easy?


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          any input guys?


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            It looks like you have a good plan, especially your safety mindset. It might be a good idea to hold off on the bathmate for now and slowly increase the time and ind intensity of your current routine over the next couple of months. If you are going to start hanging in a few months then you should also hold off on the bathmate at that time. You only want to add one thing at a time to see how your penis is going to respond to it.
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              I have messed around with the intensity some. Yesterday while driving I was doing kegel sets of ten while holding for 10 seconds at a time. It was moderately hard. Towards rep 8-9 it got a bit difficult. During jelqs and stretching I really spent time on that as well. Not trying to overdue but get a good workout at the same time. As far as the phalloguage I usually warm up and put it on. If the penis is 12:00, I start with the Velcro strap at 4:00. By the time I am ready to take it off I have the velco strap tightened to 7:00. As my ligaments loosen and I don't feel a tug anymore I adjust it little by little applying more tension. I am hoping I see results out of this. Hopefully I am doing everything correctly and doing enough intensity.


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                Yesterday was kind of a small milestone for me. I wore the phalloguage for roughly 5 hours yesterday. As a side note it is never consistent on how long I wear it. Its always between 4-6 hrs. This is usually because I wear it when going to a job site. It might take 2 hours it might take 3.

                I almost didn't stretch or jelq last night because I was tired and really wasn't feeling it. This is what has happened to me in the past and I quit pe all together. So I warmed up the rice sock and started the process. I did all my stretches while doing a reverse kegel. I did another round of stretches while kegeling for 5 seconds.

                At that point I felt warmed up enough to start jelqing. I did roughly 100 fairly intense jelqs and 50 v jelqs. The v jelqs are as intense so I hope I am performing them correctly. In between sets I would do what I believe is a ULI. Grab the base of the penis, squeeze and kegel to pump blood into the penis. I took it easy on this know its a bit advanced

                Afterwards I warmed down and loosely wrapped a theraband around my penis to prevent turtling. I told myself I would have it on there until I went to bed. Sure enough, I fell asleep. No issues though. It was wrapped loose enough for comfort and tight enough it held my penis in place all night. Woke up this morning, forgot it was on there to be honest. But it appeared it didn't turtle in the slightest.


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                  Hello Saddleman,

                  thanks for sharing your experiences.
                  Im thinking about getting the Phallogauge.
                  Can you recommend it at all?

                  Punat S.


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                    Its a decent device and it does the job. I did find it quite bulky to wear. The best feeling all day is when you take it off. If I were to be in the market for an all day stretcher I would be interested in the stealth wear


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                        So saddleman, have you found more as you stated in the title? Have you made any gains since your first post?