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Can PE overcome performance anxiety?

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  • Can PE overcome performance anxiety?

    Hi guys,

    My erection quality hasn't been consistent as of late. I believe this is anxiety related, as I've had that issue in the past, but I'm taking the normal precautions anyway: eliminate all porn, take a break from PE and kegaling.

    However, I'm wondering if I should take a break from PE in this kind of scenario. Should I just continue with my PE regularly and address the anxiety with mediation/visualization? How do I confirm if my issue is performance anxiety or overtraining PE? I've only made mediocre gains (about 1/4 in length in a year), but I have had awesome erections before these past 3-4 months (I've even been able to stay hard for 2 rounds of sex) so I'd like to continue, but dunno if it's causing or exacerbating the issue.

    Also, is it safe to kegal 3x20 daily or should I keep that to 3 times a week?


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    How long are the kegel holds for?


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      Pay attention to your EQ, in case there is any degradation, you can adjust.
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        You should be able to kegel daily in small amounts without any problems. I don't think PE will help or hurt your anxiety. I used to meditate with deep breathing before each PE session to clear my mind, or I sometimes found my mind wondering to pointless things during PE. If you're posting here about it then yeah it's probably something you should handle! But I wouldn't stop PE cold turkey. Just focus on bettering yourself and getting a hold of the anxiety at least a bit better.

        There could be a lot of external factors here that we don't know about.


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          Thanks for your input guys. My struggle is I know that EQ is a cue of whether my PE efforts are on the right track, so when it's subpar I have difficulty knowing if the issue is mental or physical. But I guess I'll stick with my PE routine and work on managing my anxiety separately.

          Also, when I kegal I hold for about 2 seconds then release.


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            That amount of kegel should be ok for daily use .


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              I'm in the same boat, but on a good way I think. What I do:
              1) NoFap: If you fapped on a regular base your brain needs to rewire. Don't masturbate, don't edge, don't use porn or other sexual media. Try to not fantasize. There more you cut it the faster you will overcome your PIED. After a week you will see improvements, but it's possible that you hit a flatline. Your mental state willl get worse and your Libido and EQ will drop again, maybe even more. That's part of the way and give your best to stay strong and don't relapse. It's hard, burn I can only suggest you to not relapse, because then you would start from zero, especially if you binge. DONT BINGE!! If you relapse, forgive yourself and start again. You still made progress.
              2) PE: I know that feel that I'm unsure if I'm overtrained or it's just PIED (or flatline) again. To be on the save side I would take a 2 week break of PE. Then start with a really short routine and maybe do a 1on2off or 1on1off schedule. Do stretches and jelqs really soft. Many beginners use too much intensity and overtrain themselves. I wouldn't do kegels everyday, at least one day off after a Kegel day.
              3) Boost testostorne. Get some juice... no just kidding . Google how to boost your testosterone naturally. Consider taking supps like cinc and arginine. If you're on a diet (like me) do refeed days every two weeks or so.
              4) Meditation. Do it daily and start with 10min atleast.
              5) Cold showers. It will help you with fap urges and also improve other stuff. You can google it, too. Just shower as usual and at the end you slowly make the water colder. Shower cold for some more seconds every day.

              Im doing all this stuff since some weeks and it really improved my self confidence, social anxiety and I'm much more relaxed in public, I also sweat much less.

              I know I wrote about a lot of other stuff, but I was or I am in the same situation as you (dick wise atleast). I knew that I have to overcome a hard flatline because my brains needs to rewire a lot after years of porn and masturbation on a regular base. I relapsed one time after 4 weeks (not to porn, but edged to my fantasies and came unexpected. But I didn't binge and from this point I have another 3 weeks now with no edging. The last two days I had morning wood, this morning I had a raging boner.

              Try to do this stuff, try to love yourself (not as easy as it sounds to some... but it's a progress, it will take time and you will need to forgive yourself from time to time).
              If you're in a relationship, talk with your girlfriend, tell her that PIV is not an option for the next weeks.

              Best luck mate, you can pm me if you want to know anything more


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                Focus your efforts into stamina training for now. Make sure to pay particular attention to the visualizations portion of your edging work.
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                  @Arma Thanks for sharing!

                  I don't think I had a porn or masturabation problem. Never frapped more than once a week, often less. I cut it out anyway along with PE to try rule out any possible cause of my issue.

                  I think what it comes down to for me is when I'm consciously trying to get an erection and it's 80% of what I want it to be, I get frustrated then next time it'll be 70% to the point where once I feel myself getting I start worrying if i'll achieve 100% which would ironically prevent that from happening. But sometimes I just wouldn't think about it, or just be immersed in the moment, and be rock hard again. However, I haven't had morning wood like I used to in a long while. I've just been getting really frustrated at the conflicting body cues I'm feeling, which only makes my anxiety worst.

                  That said, I've eased back into PEing ( 1on1off 5min stretch 10min jelq, kegal 3x20 3 times a week) and meditating 10min a day using the Headspace app. I'm seeing some improvement, but still not where I used to be yet, so I've still got work to do. Appreciate the feedback, really helps me getting my mind around this.


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                    I noticed the same thing starting in my late 30s so depending on how old you are you may want to get your testosterone professionally checked. Had I thought my testosterone might be low and had it checked back then I couldíve save myself three years of bad sex. Low T can lead to Pre E, low EQ, slow recovery all of which lead to a less desirable experience for your lady friend. When they start complaining that leads to more anxiety which is a vicious circle causing more problems . The mind is your most powerful tool for good or bad. Zero in on the reason you are having the anxiety ( Pre E, low EQ, etc. ) if itís a mental problem it can be addressed mentally which is hard and takes time. If itís physical it needs to be addressed physically. Sometimes itís both like me, Iím getting Test shots for the Physical but the mental Iím still working on. Iíve found the reverse kegal breathing is helping address my other problem of IK. Hopefully the stamina training will get me to the 15-20 minute round 1 sex my wife demands. ( talk about pressure)


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                      Originally posted by oddfather View Post
                      ... But I guess I'll stick with my PE routine and work on managing my anxiety separately.
                      I think the two can be complimentary. One of the things I like about PE is the amount of meditative focus it requires. It is much like yoga in that one can clear the mind and work on an exercise. I rather enjoy taking the time out of a busy day to think of nothing and do some exercise. When kegeling or stretching, etc. we can just count and allow the mind to relax.

                      On the other end, the increase in EQ and size aids towards confidence which helps alleviate anxiety. It is purely mental, and really self centered, but when you face a partner with a big hard erection it helps. Now I know that the "big" part is pretty much all male ego, but it does make one feel good.
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