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How often should I exercise?

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  • How often should I exercise?

    I'm brand new to PE. I have tried using a pump but found that I usually will have excess lymph fluid build up afterwards. I decided to try a jelqing routine. From what I've read here guys have had some amazing results overtime with jelqing.

    I'm starting JPs 90 routine.

    I'm on day two. My question is how often should I exercise using this routine. I'm following it to the T.

    Should I do the routine once or twice per day?
    Also how many days should I take off? I would be very grateful if anyone could answer these two questions. I'm also open to advice from veteran members. Thank you all.

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    As a beginner you were pumping? Not smart. You only do the JP routine once a day.
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      Thank you for your input. I won't pump and I'll only do the exercises once a day.


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        2 days on, 1 day off. If you encounter any negative PI's, add 1-2 more days off.
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