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Is jp90 absolutely necessary?

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  • Is jp90 absolutely necessary?

    I found the jp90 program to be hard to understand. I saw a post where someguy had said that he gained 1.0" in length by doing only manual stretching, so i decided to follow suit.
    I designed a Manual stretching program that consist of:
    10min rice sock warm up
    10min manual stretching (recently increased to 15min)
    15sec stretch down, right, straight out, straight up, and left.
    Then a warm down (contrast shower)

    So far i feel longer and thicker, but im pretty sure my EQ has just improved. I think im going through a "second puberty" i cant stop jerking off to save my life, im making alot of strength gains and my temper has gotten bad lately. Im getting off topic, back to PE.

    I have been doing this self designed program for about 2 months now, i have yet to measure but by just looking i can tell i have not made decent gains. I am also going to incorporate jelqing in the not so distant future.

    So should i continue with my frankenstein program or follow another route?

    I appreciate everyones opinion.

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    There is a jelq free routine some people do, could be something to check out. The JP90 is a good program, but I didn't do all the jelq reps when first starting out. I think jelqing is a very effective exercise and I would recommend incorporating that into your PE, but ultimately it is up to you. Edging is very effective as well, I attribute a lot of my gains to it (and it feels d*mn good too), so I'd recommend adding edging at the end of your PE workout.

    The temper might be an increase in testosterone from doing PE, not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes "negative" emotions can be as helpful as positive ones, they can help make us aware of things that we don't approve of.
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      Nothing is absolutely necessary, but if you can do the JP90, you will realize gains in both length and girth. And if you do Ultimate Jelqs in place of regular jelqs, your CS will become very prominent and help add to your girth. A prominent CS is very cool to have.
      If you master the Ultimate Jelqs, you will look forward to your PE sessions. They feel great...sometimes too nice...and over the edge you go...
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        If it's working for you and your PI's are good then stick with it. You may want to consider adding some jelqing onto your routine also.
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          Can i still make length gains from stretching even if my ligs are already fully stretched out?


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            How do you know your ligs are fully stretched out?
            Many guys (that are Advanced PE'ing) hang to increase size which targets the ligs specifically

            Just stick with stretching add in some low Erection jelqs and you'll keep increasing in length bro.
            Imho you should take advantage of the increased horniness & edge instead of masturbating so much. It'll help with EQ and facilitate your gains.
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