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Are Gains Permanent?

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  • Are Gains Permanent?


    Just wanted to see that while I am on the journey to grow to my desired size... When I reach it, is the growth permanent? Or will I still have to exercise?

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    A little exercise now and then wouldn't hurt. Why you wanna get fat and lazy?
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      The longest break I ever took was two months and I didn't loose any of my gains. Accordingly, I can't provide what happens long term from personal experience.
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        I would say from my experience that some gains are permanent, but when you quit doing PE you will lose EQ and that will result in loss of gains.
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          So what if my EQ was great beginning and still great throughout my short journey with PE. While I get further down the road, will I start loosing EQ and have to keep doing PE just to keep myself consistent?


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            So even though I will gain more length, I will definitely loose EQ if I stop completely?
            My EQ was really good before PE and super good since doing for a week now (newbie, lol).
            Even though it is good all around before and now, I will still loose it if I stop?


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              Whoops... replied twice... Still new to this format -_- lol


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                Very true!


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                  I've stopped p.e for a year and a half. Haven't lost a single 0,0001 in lenght.

                  Probably you're going to lose a bit of girth. But if you edge regulary I think you can mantain that too without doing p.e exercises ...

                  but don't worry. Is like a drug. If you are 11 inches maybe you're going to think to stop. If you start average, the more gains you see, the more you are encouraged to continue!
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                    If your EQ was great before starting and during the time you have been doing your routine then your EQ will not drop after you stop.

                    As far as loosing gains after stopping you could loose some if you suddenly stop. There are ways to help make your gains permanent. Cementing your gains(Cementing Your Gains: Make your PE Gains Permanent) is one way. Another way is to do an occasional maintenance routine. I plan on doing both when I reach my goal.
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