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What to do on rest days/days off?

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  • What to do on rest days/days off?

    Hi everyone,

    So I got some questions regarding off days (rest days). I have read that on a rest day, one could do with some manual stretching to help with gains. It might not be gains directly, but things like: flaccid hangs, prevent contraction/shrinkage. aid in/speed up recovery.

    • Is there a good stretching routine that someone could do on off days (as a beginner or advanced, please specify)?
    • Are there other things, beside stretching, one could do one off days to aid recovery or PE in general?
    • Is warming up also mandatory in each case (manual stretching or other)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Understand what an off day means and then execute it.

    Good penis exercises for off days are as follows.

    See a movie
    Go golfing
    Visit friends
    Go to Wal-Mart
    Go to the beach
    Watch football
    Buy some crap you may or may not need

    Hope that clears it up some 😊
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      On your rest days- rest! That means giving your mind a break from thoughts of training and your penis as well. This will help you to stay motivated and prevent training "burn out".
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        Nothing, that's why it's called a rest day. There's more to life than just PE


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          playing guitar and hanging out with friends in my case, I'd say going out in a date, but I'm not fully recovered from my ED symptoms (hard flaccid, dry glans etc...), just fading slowly


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