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Tips for a novice at PE

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  • Tips for a novice at PE

    I'm nearly 6 inches hard with a bend in my penis which if wasn't there would mean I'm actually 6 inches so I want to straighten it out whilst also looking to gain between 1-2 inches in a year.I would love if any of you guys could share routines that work and your opinions on whether I should invest in sizegenetics and a Bathgate.Finally I want to in crease my flaccid size as it ranges from 1.5 to 4 inches at different times. P.s does exercise help blood flow to penis when flaccid and erect as I'm not the fittest.Thanks in advance

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    You will have to do some homework. Look up on the left where it says START HERE!, click on that link and start from there.

    Lots of routines around the gym, my thread has what I have done

    As I mention in said thread, exercise is very important.

    I have never "invested" anything but time. (ok, that is not completely true, I do take dietary supplements, but that is mostly in the form of tea)

    "Time" is the key factor. Take the time to do it properly and in a year or two you will have what you want.
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      Patience, consistency and knowledge. Read...a lot!
      Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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        The bend in your penis- is there a hard plaque anywhere along the length of the curve?

        Cardiovascular exercise is the best from of auxiliary training for male enhancement.
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