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Foreskin and jelquing

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  • Foreskin and jelquing

    Circumcision is not so popular in my country, so i am uncut and i have this doubt about jelqing, should I "retract" my foreskin while performing the jelq? or it is ok doing the jelqs while my foreskin covers part or the whole glans? would that affect the gains?

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    To be honest, I'm curious to know if foreskin affects jelqing too. I'm also uncut, and I suspect I am stretching my foreskin unintentionally because the foreskin tends to bunch up towards the top a little over the course of several reps and I think I end up pulling on it a little.
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      It'll take some practice and getting used to, but what I do is I pull the skin back behind the head and use a good lube or baby oil. Then I begin the jelq like normal, but by using a good amount of lube or oil you essentially glide over the foreskin. It may slide back up over the glans but you can easily hold it in place with your second hand or just pull it back down.
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        I too am uncut. When I was a newbie I retracted it during jelqing and, even with loads of baby oil, caused minor injury. Subsequently I leave the foreskin on and, with the hand not performing the jelq, hold the skin at the base of the penis to stop it bunching up. This has been working well for me for over 18 months and I have had good gains through width so it does not appear to have affected gains. It does seem that some skin stretch is inevitable with PE though. I think it is worth it for the benefits and is never noticeable when erect.
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