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How to manually reduce Turkey Neck while doing PE?

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  • How to manually reduce Turkey Neck while doing PE?

    I am running 1on/3off with 10minutes of dry jelqing and 3 sets of 10 second ULI's and feel a good amount of stretching taking place during my workouts. I notice my shaft has horizontal lines going across it, from what i assume to be skin stretching. Problem is, i think although i havent quite made any gains yet since i mysteriously lost gains without changing my routine.My Turkey Neck has increased and a good amount is still there since i started PE. I have about 7.5" in length but ~.5-1" is turkey neck and im looking to get rid of it.

    I dont plan on spending money on any devices as of right now and i would like to get rid of this manually. Since im not really gaining anymore despite gaining size and then losing it out of no where, i would like to be doing something worth while when it comes to PE.

    What are some good manual ways i can get rid of turkey neck, and how long would it probably take to get rid of it?

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    Manual testicle stretching can be a good way to counteract turkey neck. I think jockinthebox's response (the fifth post) in this thread is a fine advice and response: