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  • Growers vs. Showers

    So guys is PE'ing more effective for growers of showers?
    If you build it, they will cum.

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    I would have to say both. As it grows you’ll certainly want to show it.

    I did not come here to PEgym to grow or show, I came to find out how to fix my ED. Of course I became interested in possible size gains but gains were not my priority.

    Yesterday I finished my 4th week on JP’s 90 day beginner routine, not only do I have a more consistent morning wood EQ improvement I’ve noticed a big difference in flaccid growth; so much so that my wife did the double head-twist look. She was so surprised that she asked for a close inspection. I obeyed and proudly posed like Superman showing and allowing her close scrutiny.

    She had a few encouraging comments like: “It’s even heavier; it hangs lower than your long scrotum bag; it looks like you but . . . bigger, thicker, I can feel heat radiating from it!

    I was so elated by her comments that I went and stood in front of the mirror to see for myself. Everything she said was right.

    So, yes I can proudly say that PE'ing is very effective for growers and a showers!

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      It can make a show-er into a grower and a grower into a show-er.
      I started with around 3-3.5" flaccid. Up to consistently near 5" (unless it's cold or I worked out). And my flaccid girth has gone up about 1.5" as well. Must say, it looks fan-fucking-tastic.
      Starting Size (09/2009): ~7"BPEL x ~5" MSEG
      Most Recent Measurement (08/13/2012): 8"BPEL x 5.5"MSEG
      Final Goal: When I'm told to stop.


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        I've been a grower my whole life, and my flaccid hasn't really changed much since I started PE. But I'm not too concerned about it because at the end of the day I use it to my benefit when picking up chicks.
        "My dick is sooo tiny"
        "Shut up"
        "No really it is, wanna see?"
        "Oh wow it is small"
        "Just play with it then "
        But I mean you're not gonna use a flaccid to bang a chick are ya? :P
        PE is different for everyone regardless of whether you're a grower or shower!
        It's not just Penile Enhancement, it's a way of life.
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          I don't think it's necessarily any more effective for one over the other but I think a lot of people turn in to more of a shower over their PE careers. I personally have always hung about 4.5"-5" (with 5.25 being my outer limit) pre PE, but as time has progressed I've measured my flaccid hang to be as much as 5.75" and it looks meaty as hell now too
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            I know even without much of any (IF any) erect gains that I have made through PE, I very clearly remember the way my flaccid was before I started. Back then, my average flaccid was only about 2.5-3" long. Now, I routinely hang around 4.5-5". PE has turned me into a shower.


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              I guess what I meant to ask was if guys who tend to hang lower can produce quicker or larger gains than some dude with a shriveled up pea shooter.

              Like me, my FL is about 1.5" and my FG is just over 1.4" but my EL is 5.15" and my EG is 5.45". Can I expect the same results as a guy with the same erect stats but maybe a FL of 3"?

              Sorry forgot to ellaborate I was just about to get into the bed and could barely keep my eyes open.
              If you build it, they will cum.


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                Your flaccid girth is 1.4" and your EG is 5.45"? I think one of your measurment may be incorrect, thats a very larg gap and 1.4" is quite thin, If your sure about your measurments then I appalogize for questioning it but it seems like a huge gap to me, and 5.45" is pretty damn thick
                Nov 22 2011 BPEL- 7.25'' Girth 5.1''


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                  Yeah I'm positive. I spent my entire high school career in water polo and swim being made fun of. I just gets friggin tiny when I'm doing anything. I'm also short (5'6") which doesn't help one bit either.
                  If you build it, they will cum.


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                    dont let it get to ya man, you got a decent erect size anyways that what counts, your girthier then most men.
                    Do you take any supplements? many supplements will increas circulation to your unit and can have a direct effect on flaccid size, take a look at the supplments on the forum and you should find lots of info.
                    Plus, usually your first gains from PE will be flaccid size, do some fowfers and between the cheecks to help with your flaccid size.
                    Nov 22 2011 BPEL- 7.25'' Girth 5.1''


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                      The only supplements I take are for my hypertrophy program for natural bodybuilding.

                      500mg vitamin C with 50mg zinc in the mornings
                      Tablespoon of fish oil with every meal (5-7 times a day)
                      5g L-glutamine in morning and night
                      And postworkout shake 26g protein, 20g L-glutamine, and 90g carbs.

                      Dunno if these contribute to any gains but I've been eating veggies that help produce more testosterone. Bellpeppers, avocados, celery, etc...
                      And as a side note, I started PE'ing about 2 months into my lifting program and somehow I got .25" taller but no extra gains from the exercise.
                      If you build it, they will cum.


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                        Thos are all good supplements, fish oils especially. There are still other supplements that will healp, look into the five Gs, they will help with erections but possibly flaccid aswell since they improve circulation all around.
                        Continue with your normal PE routine and add bed fowfers at night and between the cheecks whenever you can, they will improve your flaccid hang.
                        Nov 22 2011 BPEL- 7.25'' Girth 5.1''


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                          I take supplements but for bodybuilding. I'm trying to get cut so I'm doing a hypertrophy program for natural bodybuilding.

                          I take 500mg vitamin C and 50mg Zinc in the morning
                          I tbspn fish oil for Omega 3's with every meal (5-7 times a day)
                          5g L-glutamine morning and night
                          And a post workout shake with 26g protein, 20g L-glutamine, and 90g carbs.
                          I'm also sticking to veggies that help promote testerone sythesis, bell peppers, avocados, celery, etc...

                          I dunno if anything of these would help with any gains. But I have gotten a quarter inch taller in the last 3 months of training. But no gains cause i started PE'ing about a month ago.
                          If you build it, they will cum.


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                            Lol it double posted
                            If you build it, they will cum.


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                              wait no it didn't... it posted both the original and the first one I typed... weird
                              If you build it, they will cum.