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    Is there a certain food diet I should follow when doing PE?, and do i need to be in a calorie surplus like for building muscle?

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    Good morning! Good morning! I am back (after about five months off!)....I promise that the answer is there.

    I would suggest this....very general comment here.....most people get things backwards. They want to get fit to get healthy. I would suggest that the opposite is true.

    Get healthy first and foremost.

    Now, this is a very general comment. And think about it. Get healthy first. No matter what the specific goal is, get healthy first and foremost. Go to the doctor. Get your blood work done. Get all of the other tests that you need. Make sure that you are good there.

    Then, and this is where everyone is different, get fit. Generally speaking. I am 50. But in pretty dang good shape. My nutrition is good. My training is good. That is the baseline.

    So, what does that mean? It means make sure that you are healthy! Blood work is good. Blood-sugar is good. Cholesterol is good. All those things. If there is a problem with any of that stuff, fix that stuff first. Forget - for the moment - everything else and get that stuff straight.

    Once all that stuff is straight, get fit. That is a two-pronged activity: nutrition (which is 80%) and training. Keep in mind that you are - assuming that you are like most people - going to have to figure out what works for you. Everyone is different - in every facet of that statement. I can, for example, tolerate Carbs but not handle Fats. You might be totally different and BLOW UP if you eat more than 150g of Carbs a day. Find what works for you.

    With the training - talking about 'weight lifting' or 'working out' (I really don't like those two terms...just like I dont like the term 'diet') - you just need to keep in mind that you will respond well the first month or so (typically) and then you will plateau. Meaning, that the 'newbie gains' will stop. Stick with the compound movements like Dead Lifts, Squats, Overhead Press and Bench. Learn proper form. Super important there.

    Once you have a good bill of health and you have started to get fit you will be surprised at how well things 'down below' will work.

    So, to answer your question: do you need to be in a caloric surplus? No, sir! To be blunt, exercising your dick has little to do with caloric deficit | caloric surplus like in training.

    Does that help?

    And, if you want some help with the Nutrition | Training then please ask. I have a day job but I also do training | nutrition for folks. You would be amazed at the changes that happen for people when they start to get these two things straight. Nutrition has the biggest effect....

    Originally posted by Jaredwong90078 View Post
    Is there a certain food diet I should follow when doing PE?, and do i need to be in a calorie surplus like for building muscle?
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      Great reply!

      To summarize/add- any diet conducive to lower body fat and cardiovascular health is best for maximizing male enhancement gains.
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