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Are streches necessary?

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  • Are streches necessary?

    I'm doing the PSG1 routine which is,

    warm up
    streches (30 secs each way, 3 reps)
    dry jelqs for 10-12 minutes
    cool down

    Why are streches necessary? I find them really boring. I've been doing the routine for 2 months now and already seeing flaccid gains but isn't that because of jelqing?

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    For me, I think stretches are key.

    They are not supposed to be fun,
    They are just supposed to be done
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      Do your stretches, they do provide benefit. Kind of a warmup. It only takes a few minutes, I spend a lot more time than that in a day bored.
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        Stretches are kind of what we're doing here. I guess you could look in the mirror and think positive thoughts. Not, sure how well that'll work. And, at least one person on the forum thought he could "threaten" his dick into growning with a knife. (I know, wtf?)

        All PE is stretching. Thats what deforms tissue, causes micro tearing, and encourages cell division.
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          Originally posted by PELeviathan View Post

          Why are stretches necessary? I find them really boring.
          A lot of things we do are not necessarily exciting yet needful. You may get length through jelqing yet stretching will most likely accelerate the process dramatically (while using caution not to overdo them).
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            I agree completely with all of the comments. Stretching is for length gains. So, if you are no interested in length gains then you could conceivably argue that you do not need to do that. And, no one could really argue with you.


            I would think that we are really going for overall penis health (doesn't that sound a bit funny when said outloud). I mean, we train our bodies...we do squats and dead lifts and bench and overhead press. Dead Lifts kill me, no fun and not sexy. But, damn! The results are great. Likely the single best exercise out there. PERIOD!

            So, stretching is part of an overall complete penis health regiment. Assuming that you do not over do them (or, any part of this regiment) then they do no harm. They only benefit. So, my humble suggestion would be to continue to do them.

            I don't particularly enjoy doing jelqs. But I do them. I love doing the edging! LOL! And I do that. What I don't do is nut every time. Discipline. Just like everything else in life.

            Do you eat your green beans? Sure you do. Do the stretches!
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