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Kegels problem

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  • Kegels problem

    I can't tension kernel muscles when exhale, only when inhale or stop breathing. Moreover can't do this without tension low abdominal muscles. It's is normal?

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    It sounds like you are trying to kegel too hard. The next time you urinate stop the flow mid stream. The contractions of the muscles you feel is a kegel. Just breath normally and don't contract any harder than what it takes to stop the urine flow.
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      be aware, you can overwork, even strain those muscles.
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        Thanks for reply. I stopped urine few times and always this looked as i wrote (can't stop when inhale). I think it is some kind of conditioned response, like with Pavlov's dog. I will try to slow urine flow next times, but I doubt that I will succeed. Have no idea how to deal with this.


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          It is normal for isolation to take time and work.


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            If at first you don't succeed try again, it might take a month or more to accomplish. I lightly flex that muscle throughout the day most any time. I have to keep it in condition because I love Multo o's and It's key to succeed with MMO. Part of controlling that muscle is also learning to completely relax it. it's all about degrees of control. It sounds to me like right now you basically are just becoming aware of the muscle and that's why you can't control it, breathing or not breathing ( you never knowingly were in control of it before now). And I'm not saying that as a knock but for potential knowledge of what's going on..