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  • Just Starting. When to Expect Change?

    New here, been lurking for a while but finally decided to join. Lots of other threads on this I know but always good to hear other peoples stories as well. I usually here after about 1-2 months people start gaining size. Even tho I'm extremely confident with my skills in bed, my girlfriend always orgasms through oral, penetrative sex, I've done so much stuff in bed with her she's never done, she's made it pretty clear I'm the best she's had which overall is more important, but it pisses me off so so much that I'm sure she's had bigger. Which I don't know for sure cause I will not discuss that with herbut still, with me being 6.25x5.25 I'm sure there's been some bigger. So doing anything I can to safely get bigger.

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    Yes you can; read, ask questions and take your time.
    The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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      First thing to read up on is average sizes. You my friend are above average in both length and girth. I'm not saying don't attempt gains, instead, your size should dispense with worries about others. Frankly, who gives a rat about the past, she is with you now and apparently having the time of her life. Focus instead on continuing to be the best lover she has ever had and I guarantee you that she hasn't wasted an ounce of brain activity on anyone she may have had in the past. Once you are comfortable with this, then consider PE for you and your benefit. Approaching PE for the wrong reasons (and because of someone elses past is not a reason) can lead to overworking, lack of focus and injury. Do it for you when your mindset is correct. At that point, make sure you read everything under the START HERE button located above in the main forums, or in the stickies in the beginner forums if you are on a mobile device. Take your time, go slow, set realistic goals and have fun. Use the forums for motivation and feedback, start a daily log so you can track your progress. And lastly, welcome to the forums, we are glad you took the time to join.
      “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
      — Dale Carnegie


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        The general opinion among women I have read of is they don't care about our size, we do.


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          Hey, man! First of all, welcome. Good decision to join and to start asking questions. And, maybe, to start answering questions. Most of the folks in here are really good people. Most of us can debate (that is what I like to call it) like adults and are willing to learn. Shoot, I realize that I know little and that I have a ton to learn.

          Regarding size - don't freaking worry about it. That is *ALWAYS* my stance. Get rock hard and stay rock hard. That is what your girl will remember. And brag to her friends about you.....oh my gawd, he got so hard last night that we had to stop because it was hurting him....I am all about EQ (read any of my posts and you will see that clearly).

          But, it is never a bad thing to want more. I would love to have a little bit more length and a little more girth. But, never at the expense of EQ. Just my take....just my experience.

          I will share one experience....I was with a friend of mine and we played together. The first time she gave me a blow job I was harder than I had ever been (110%) and was throbbing the whole time I was in her mouth. When I finally blew, it was a huge load and it literally ricocheted off of her chest. She was so proud of herself...she commented on how hard I came but she could not stop talking about how "you were throbbing so hard the whole time you were in my mouth" was the single best blow job that I have ever had.

          Anyway, the point there is about how freaking hard I was. That is what the chicks are going to remember. They do not care about me being 5.75 inches or 7.75 inches long....they remember how freaking hard I get. Period!

          Anyway, we are all different. We all want whatever it is that we want. I honestly would not worry about length or girth such that it became a hangup. That will create an issue for you that will ruin a good, fun healthy sex life. I dont worry about the size of the other guys (before or after me). She is with me right now. I am freaking rock hard.....end of story! A healthy mindset is really important.

          Also, keep in mind that everyone is going to respond differently to this work. A lot depends on your 'make up'. Some guys gain in length but never in girth and some guys are the other way. Some guys make modest gains in both. Keep in mind....if you increase your EQ then you will increase your length and girth! A rock hard dick is longer and thicker! But, there I go again with my rant!

          Are you doing anything at the moment to increase either length or girth? Are you doing any program? Looked at any program? There are lots and lots of programs here in the stickies.

          Also, and forgive me for repeating myself so many times here, keep in mind that everyone is different. You need to find a program that works for you. You will have to just test the waters with something and see how you respond. If you loose EQ then you are - typically - doing too much (either intensity or sets or reps). If that happens, take a few days off (do literally nothing) and start off slower. Whatever that might mean.

          Does that make sense?
          Start: August, 2017
          Start: 5.50inches BPEL x 5.125inches MEG
          Goal: 7.0inches BPEL x 6.0inches MEG
          Focus: AMAZING EQ! A strong and balanced Pelvic Floor!! Awesome Hip Flexibility!!!