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Having problems on jelqing...

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  • Having problems on jelqing...

    Hi, I just started PE 2 days ago following PESG's routine. My problem is that I can't get my penis on the desired erection level. I'm jelqing at aroung 30-40% erection level. Also my penis is quite small so I can't jelq at 3-5 second per stroke. I plan to stop masturbating and porn for now, maybe it will help. Any advice?

    Also, if my priority is length gain, should I focus more on stretching exercise and if on girth gains, should I focus more on jelqing?
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    First you can do and should do stretches flaccid. I think 40% erection will work for jelqing till you advance after 3 -4 months in, especially for the length gain. Also there may be days with more erection. But 50-70% is nice. You could draw down your foreskin with one hand and rub the top and bottom/underside of the penis with thumb and one finger around the area of the frenulum for some stimulation producing a bit more erection, then jelq. If it softens stop the jelqing (and the timer LOL) and do it again. Repeat till you get your count done. I have done this myself. It doesn't hurt anything, except the urge might be to keep rubbing because it starts feeling good, just don't do that, go back to jelqing.

    If you are brand new to this, remember to warm your penis and warm down your penis. You shouldn't jelq without a warm up, not a routine of it anyway. And anyone can do a 3 second stroke, you just slow it way down if you are small ( how would I know, well I ain't all that big especially early on before more flaccid gain occurred).
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      Yes, quitting porn and masturbation is the solution.
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        Originally posted by 7BootyK View Post
        Yes, quitting porn and masturbation is the solution.
        Bullshat. It's the answer.

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          Might I suggest that you tug on you penis periodically through out the day for length gain, just as an aid, not as a routine.. After urinating, before bed. It helps keep the flaccid stretch going. You don't do a stretching session of this, you just stretch it and hold two or three times and let it go. It's besides your routine. I noticed a fair improvement at least in flaccid doing this the first month. I first noticed it at night at a pee call if it wasn't fully erect, that it hung way different now.
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            Thanks for the response guys, mine is really small. My BPFL is 3 1/4" and my BPEL is 4 15/16". So if my goal is on length, should I focus more on stretching or jelqing?
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              Watching porn to masturbate is your worst enemy in PE .
              Every time you start jelqing, your brain says:"Where is the porn,dude?So no errection!"
              I've started with JP90.