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  • becomming obsessed with PE

    Becoming obssed with PE. Having always been one who is 100% or nothing type. Started PE week ago.Since then I have been focused on getting every bit of knowledge on subject possible,even during day when need to concentrate on other things at hand. Of coarse idea of another 1.5 to 2 inches of cock(goal 7.5 to 8 and 2" thick) may have something to do with it. Never been called small and never seemed to have problem pleasing woman.I have seen how cpl women react to 8" cocks during some open room play sesions,how most women envolved where wating to jump on biggest cock for their ride and even how much some women I shared went wild for big cock. Maybe that's reason for obsession of getting bigger or at least rock hard cock again,

    Biggest issue(hope th change) is not working out too much,but then regular gym workouts have always been same.

    Question is do most here find yourself doing same?

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    Good things dont come in a hurry mate.
    I myself come an go from pe , as always have other things to do in life an just not getting the time sometimes.
    You wont get all the knowlege at once as most comes with experiece an getting to know youe own p.i's .
    Nobody will know your unit better then you will .
    Some routines may work for you but not aswell for others .
    Take it slow an condition your unit , like you say its only been a week .
    Good luck an enjoy your pe
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    current : 7.6bpel x 6.0 eg

    Goal: 8.5 bel

    Keeping it natural no pumps or hanging


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      I would be careful. I am also a 100% or nothing and my obsession with PE became an issue. The funny thing is, if you exert everything into PE, it's actually counter productive. PE is 50% mental, and if you obsess over it and let it get in the way of other important things, it will stress you out. You're better off doing PE while having a strong social and sex life with hobbies and relationships to focus on. Keep PE in the bedroom for an hour, or however long your sessions are, and leave it there.
      If you do this, your mentality will be much healthier and will be way more beneficial for your PE. Trust me man, I only speak from experience.
      The other issue is what Big Al calls, "information overload". Once you fall victim to it like I did, it will be problematic. Keep PE simple, do your exercises and come on here for advice. Don;t try to analyze everything, it won't help you. Stick to your plans and ask us what we think. If you reach out at every possible angle, or even go to other sites, you will hear different things and it will just confuse you and stress you out. Keep it simple. Good luck.
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        Yea I need another hobby.Drag racing,Harely,fly fiishing,hunting ,guns,archery,wood working,Metal fabrication and what ever I have forgotten. Oh yea and that damn work thing. Now working cock most everyday. I have way too much time on hand,just not enough meat.LOL


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          Some of the best gainers have been "obsessed" types, but they were able to maintain objectivity. If your obsession causes you anxiety then you'll create problems for yourself.

          Note- ANY true obsession can have unhealthy/negative side effects. That being said, just like in any other endeavor it's usually the extremely committed types who achieve not-before-seen heights in most anything they do.
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            and if your not dicking around with yourself your browsing these forums...the obsession is real
            "I will lick my dick"


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              You're doomed. Stay well my friend lol

              You never slow down, you never grow old!