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  • Need Girth 🍾

    Hey guys, I'm looking for girth gains right now I'm small on my girth and I'm decent on my erect. I'm 6 3/4 erect and about 4 inches soft. Buttttt my girth sucks so bad like honestly that's the only thing I am Insecure about, would mean a lot if anyone could tell me a exercise and not the JP90 routine.... Thanks guys

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    Perhaps you should elaborate on why you're against the JP90 routine as it contains girth exercises.

    I'm sure most here will discourage you from jumping straight into more advanced girth work if you don't have prior PE experience.

    That said, there is plenty of exercises and devices for girth. Here are some resources for you:


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      My whole thing is when I read about it I don't really get what it does like what's the JP90 Routine even for ? Like do I necessarily need it. I'll go read what you suggested thank you very much <3


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        It contains girth, length, and stamina exercises. It's possible to make gains/improvements in all three during those 90 days. Many people see an increase in size due to improving their EQ.

        The point, however, is to condition your unit for more advanced routines.

        I suppose you don't *necessarily need it.

        *without extensive knowledge of PE exercises you'll most likely devise a routine that's simply 'too muchery' if you skip conditioning.