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PI's (Physiological Indicators) Question

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  • PI's (Physiological Indicators) Question

    newb member here. Did a lot of PE & consistently when young (16-21), had/ gained good size, got married, job, etc. Haven't touched any PE until last fall. Getting older (35) want to maintain EQ & grow a bit, and now 10 days into a JP90.

    I read and lurked around for PI info. My question is this, specifically for the 30+ crowd:
    Should I be concerned about PI's changing? OR about PI's not matching the optimal responses? AKA, I don't have massive morning wood every single morning, and haven't since I was like 22. Most mornings, yes, but depends on what time I get up, etc. I'm satisfied with my EQ improvements, PE routine, and I'm always ready to get down to business with the wife at the drop of the hat... but still want to get the hot take from more experienced PEers.

    What do yall think?

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    I'm fairly new myself but I've used PI's to dial in when I'm over working it or under working it. If they go to far negative, I back off a few days. To answer your question more specifically, I don't think it's much of anything. Later you will see most improve after steady PE.
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    I'm not saying doing PE has boosted my confidence but I have been practicing handsfree helicopter shakes...


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      Welcome, I would check out the start here tab at the top of the page. Lots of nuggets buried in there. It would also be a good idea to start a progress log.

      See you around.
      proactive's progress log


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        Originally posted by Jobe8302 View Post
        If they go to far negative, I back off a few days.
        Makes sense. Slow n steady, listen to PIs.


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          Originally posted by jtx1111 View Post
          Makes sense. Slow n steady, listen to PIs.

          The thing is not too slow. You want to push it just far enough as that's what encourages growth.

          And experience will show you the way.

          Just stop ASAP if you've gone too far, be very in tune with yourself.

          I am due to one reason, general over injury over too many times.
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