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Is there anyone that went straight to girth exercises?

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  • Is there anyone that went straight to girth exercises?

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    Jelq and see, for me I gained girth when I jelqed.
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      Many people gain girth just from jelqing since it targets both girth and length. I say give it about a month and see if you need to add extra exercises.


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        Originally posted by SunlightHurtsMyNuts View Post
        I'm not fussed with length too much, since girth is the main issue for me. Length is 6", girth is around 4.2" at best. I will like to get it to 5" at least. Please tell me what worked for you. I've read that Bathmate is useless for permanent gains, so I'm not interested in that. I'm mainly just interested in manual/exercise routines.

        Edit: I read in the past that cumming is forbidden on days that you jelq since it reduces gains. Has anyone found this to be a none-issue? It would be convenient if I don't have to resist finishing myself off.
        I went straight to girth. Measured my highest girth yesterday at 5.25 from 4.875. I'll have to measure again over the course of 3 days to make sure it's a gain that sticks., but I've been measuring over 5 lately, so about a .25 inch girth gain over the course of a couple months.

        I did erect squeezes, jelqs, kegals, edging, lots of heat.

        Check out my progress log.


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          I believe that was my main focus at first. All I done was JP47...I started water pumping and jelqing. I seemed to gain girth more, but later decided to add length as well. I finished the other 43 days of JP90, focusing on stretches, and started adding some length.

          I'd say jelqing and paying attention to the PI's, taking breaks as negative PI's show up. I tried edging but they say porn is bad for your head, but I don't excited just by stroking it.
          2/07/17 Start BPEL 6.00 MEG 5.00
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          I'm not saying doing PE has boosted my confidence but I have been practicing handsfree helicopter shakes...


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            I've read the Bathmate is great for permanent gains much more than I have read it's not. It's my plan of attack once I switch to girth. Bathmate plus steel all day cock ring and edging will be my routine.

            Have you read about the "Tub Crushers"?


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              Yes there have been some who have went straight to girth exercises. Girth focused exercises are normally considered advance and are not recommended for a beginner. However there have been some that jumped right into it without any ill effect, others, well they showed up in the Penile Anomalies and Injuries Forum. My point is that you should do some conditioning, get to know what your dick is telling you, use your head and take the right approach. You only have one dick, take care of it.
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                I've done PE since September 2015, in December 2016 I went from 6.0" to 7.5" bpel, and girth went from 4.25" to 5.1". I haven't been focusing on girth, but I didn't make those gains until I began doing deep jelqs 2+ times per day on on days, I was conditioned before doing those. I can confirm that I saw reduced gains if I came after each PE routine. I was doing a 2 days on 1 off routine and came on the last PE session before the off day.
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                  Bathmate is not, I repeat IS NOT useless. Guys who say that just don't use enough pressure and aren't consistent enough to see gains. The 15 minutes rule is a precaution not a rule written in stone. And it takes more than one set and a few pumps every other day to see gains. It takes 3-5 sets of 10+ minutes (depending on how much pressure you use) and at least 3-5 days a week bare minimum. You may need to do a few warm up sets or some jelqing before pumping with the Bathmate.

                  Rant over. BTW, I'm in no way affiliated with Bathmate, I'm just a vet who's sick and tired of seeing this myth pushed by noobs and slackers. The Bathmate is a tool to be used like any other device or exercises, and how much you put into is what you will get out of it.
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                    Originally posted by SunlightHurtsMyNuts View Post
                    Edit: I read in the past that cumming is forbidden on days that you jelq since it reduces gains. Has anyone found this to be a none-issue? It would be convenient if I don't have to resist finishing myself off.
                    It depends. If ejaculation destroys your EQ for a while, like not popping morning chubb or wood if you ejac close to sleep, then I wouldn't. I personally haven't had that issue and have had ok girth gains since going to squeezes and I've ejaculated after or during most edging sessions.

                    Anyways what worked for me are squzzes, ulis, double erect squeezes, and SSJs. Essentially manual squeeze exercises. Gained nothing doing just jelqs, haven't attempted pumping or clamping yet. Gain is between .1" and .25", didn't get a good measurement but I'd say a bit below 5" MSEG is generous starting. Currently sitting at 5.125" best recorded, with 5.25"+ a possibility before my erection went down(difficult keeping it up for measurement, probably psychological).
                    BPEL: 6.75-7"(not a good measurement)
                    BEG: 5ish (not a good measurement)

                    Current (4/10/2018)
                    BPEL: 8"
                    MSEG: 5.375-5.45"

                    BPEL: 8"+
                    MSEG: 6"


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                      The most commonly used exercise is the jelq- which (when performed with at least a partial erection) targets girth gains.
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