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Best way to warm up?

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  • Best way to warm up?

    Howdy y'all, just started PE and had a quick question. Is there a best method to warming up prior to stretches, or is it all preference? For my first workout I used the hot water in the shower for 8 minutes warming up and 5 minutes warming down (and I made sure to work the entire area with the nozzle), but I want to make sure that it's as good as using a rice sock/warm cloth. I didn't notice any pain while doing my workout, if that matters :P
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    Hot water and a plastic mug big enough for your flaccid penis and balls.
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      It's mostly a matter of preference. There are guys that use a shower to warm up like you do. All the methods are pretty much equal as long as the heat is maintained during the warm up. I prefer to use an electric heating pad.
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        I've settled on an electric heating pad. Works well enough.
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          Yep. Another vote for the electric heating pad. It's so convenient.


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            Heat sock(aka water bottle shape, fuzzy, filled with beans.)

            2:12 in the microwave and its HOT, plus moist heat that is deep, plus form fitting. Only way to roll in my opinion.