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Rest days and Sex days

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  • Rest days and Sex days


    Most routines say 2days on, 1 day off.
    I must wait 24 hours before making the next PE session?

    Should i PE on sex days? ( assuming there is 5-6 hour rest )

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    Pe regularly, and have sex regularly...


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      I don't think you have to be that precise (to the hour). And like rocknrolla said, never pass up getting some.
      At least thats my motto.


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        24 hours is not a one day break. 48 hours is. Lets say you PE Monday at 3 pm and then declare you will take a one day break. According to the 24 hour logic, that means you will be PEing on Tuesday at 3PM again, and have just taken a one day break, which of course is false.


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          PEskeptic is right. But I suggest that you keep it simple: forget hours and count days. If you PE'd anytime on Monday and anytime on Tuesday, then take all day Wednesday off. And so on.
          As for real live sex, I am with Waylander and Rocknrolla: take the cookies whenever they are passed.
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          Remember: If done right, there is no such thing as safe sex.


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            I agree with all that's been said above. But depending on the level of sex determines my PE. If I have sex for over 45 minutes I won't PE, or if I do, I do a very light version of my routine. Why? Because I don't want to overtrain the guy.
            It's not just Penile Enhancement, it's a way of life.
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              Good logic Millia, for sure.

              I am thinking about doing a 3/1 split, but not sure yet guys, any thoughts?


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                Cal you talking bout 3 on 1 off? Because I usually do that if not more like 5 on 1 off. Depends on what kind of action my girl gives me and school etc.
                It's not just Penile Enhancement, it's a way of life.
                Millia's Dick Journey (NEW Introduction post!)


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                  I wouldn't worry about the timing too much. The only time I wouldn't have sex after PE is if my dick was too tired to do it, but that is very rare
                  Don't focus on the destination but enjoy the journey!


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                    I never have sex on workout days,i only see my girl twice a week so it always works out that im not having sex on the same day,If it ever was on the same day i no just by the time i do PE that there would be about 12hours space between the two.