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  • Interesting article on The Guardian

    An interesting article came up on The Guardian over the weekend about men and their relationship with their penises. The full text is a book by Laura Dodsworth called "Manhood". It is interesting to read about how so many of us are so insecure and let our our dicks define us. It also interesting to see what is pretty much a true random sample that isn't self-selected big-dicked guys posting on the internet. A lot of guys I see on this forum should consider themselves extremely blessed. This article, along with this calculator (, has really helped me overcome some anxiety I've had over my size.

    Mods, there is nudity behind this link but it is more art/medical, not sexually explicit. The article:

    <url removed, see post#3 for suggestion>
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    Interesting read. Thank you.


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      To not supply underaged surfers with clickable links to penis photos, link has been removed.

      theguardian DOT com has a search feature, search for:
      Me and my penis: 100 men reveal all

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        Very interesting article. For everyone that doesn't believe the averages I want you to keep in mind that they went out to find the 100 smallest penises they could find. The average flaccid is about 10".


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          I did the calculator and itís really interesting. I look at those numbers and itís like, ĎNo wayí. Itís funny the struggle to get over comparing yourself to pornography is real. I started watching porn before puberty so I was comparing myself to porn stars when I was around 13-14 and only 4 inches erect. It really fucked with me for a while. Its really only last year when I was 21 that I was able to accept and begin to detach from that mentality. I am in fact average. According to the calculator linked in the app Iím in the 68 percentile at 6 inches in length and 71 percentile in girth at 5. If I had to guess myself only 2 years ago I wouldve thought I was in the 40th percentile in both stats but there ya go.

          It really is a damaging thing that porn can do when you internalize it at a young age. It truly warps the way you look at sex and intimacy in a way that most people canít handle. Especially when your brain isnít even done developing yet. Along with PE Iím going to work on dropping porn entirely. Maybe Iíll replace it with PE and focus on making that a habit. Iím really beginning to resent it to be honest.