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  • 12 weeks in PE and...

    Hello all,
    Thought I'd share my results and observations over the past three months with the following routine:
    Month 1 Stretch L, R, Up 45 seconds Down 1 minute for 5 sets
    Jelqing for 7 minutes
    Noticed an increase in horniness and morning wood which was usually 10 eq. I will say I was waking up at 4 am every morning compared to my 6-630 wake up time now so a decrease in morning wood is hard to detect because I can't monitor my wood while I sleep!(would be a good method to discover though for monitoring positive PI's!
    After the first month I made nominal gains, all in bone pressed while sitting measurements.
    Second month in I increased the intensity and seemed to lose all positive PI'S I Was having in the first month. I decreased my time and have kept the same routine for the past two months.
    It appears My flaccid stretch length has seen some good gains although I don't remember how I measured this the first time around, kinda hard when your base is being stretch out and making the rules shorter from base to tip, but bone pressed stretch is around 6.5 inches(never seen my dick stretch this far and I'm hoping this is a potential length I can reach!)
    Oh yeah and my flaccid likes to stay in a state of being more plumb then usual
    A few things I'd do differently and would encourage anyone new to do!
    1. Monitor PI'S!
    2. Record how you Measure! Also measure post work out and rest days. I haven't measured on rest days where my dick wasn't warmed up and stretch and expanded fully to see what kind of gains I had outside of post work out. Obviously we wanna get to the point where our post workout matches our rested measurements.(assuming your post workout is at a 10 eq
    3. Pay attention to detail while working out and record it!

    Would love to hear feedback!