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Need an expert's advice please...I might soon facing impotency?

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  • Need an expert's advice please...I might soon facing impotency?

    Good day guys, I was one of those guys who was always skeptical about 'non-natural' ways of enlarging penis but now I'm afraid of my penis condition and I'm at lost.

    I come from South East Asia and we're pretty closed minded about these kinda topics.

    Basic Info : I'm 26/uncut.

    Cut to the chase, these are my questions:

    1)These days are harder for me to get hard erections, unless it's something really really turns me on (I think it's the bloody porn causing this over the years). Is there a solution to get erection easier?

    2)I got like thick fats surrounding my penis, it's the reason for my extra girth. If I pull my foreskin it goes up to 2 inches when flaccid. Is this a good thing or could be the reason I'm slowly losing my erection power?

    3)Another problem is I take too long to finish an intercourse, my partner has to be patient for at least an hour to 3 hours per session, even I get tired too fast so I take short breaks while pleasing her but I just feel the ejaculation feeling after hours, this goes for porn and masturbation as well. Ever since in teens I suppress my ejaculation when I'm about to finish, which might be the reason that now I'm used to it? anyone may have any idea on this issue?

    4) Last question, It's hard for me to ejaculate in a way where it has some pressure, (you know like shooting up). Usually it just like spills from my penis, the quantity is plenty, but I'm afraid I might have problems ejaculating far. I'm afraid later the chances of me impregnating my partner is low even worse none. What can I do to ejaculate far?

    Sorry for the long questions guys, I never ask these kinda question to others before so my apologies if there's anything wrong with it. Much thanks

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    If you don't mind, I'll answer question #4. If you're worried about your sperm having to call an Uber to get to her eggs, don't worry, you don't have to shoot sperm to get a girl pregnant. Shooting sperm is impressive when doing the pullout method and you have a couple of bucks laying around to pay for her to get her hair re-done!!!


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      Welcome to the gym. If you haven't checked out the start here tab at the top of the page, you should. Tons of useful info there. Also there are some great beginner routines to look at.

      As far as your questions go. Stop using porn, stop masturbating so much. It will take your mind some time to reset, but it will be well worth it. This is quite possibly the reason on you losing your erection power. Practice more kegels to get better shooting. I practice kegels and I don't really notice any better shooting power. Though I don't think this will be a problem in getting someone pregnant.

      Hope to see you around. Enjoy the safe and knowledgeable community here, and get involved. You might be surprised what you don't know about your penis.
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        Lol, my childhood was a lie. I thought if you ejaculate far into a woman's vagina, the probability of her getting pregnant is higher. Thanks alot for the tip brother


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          Wait, so masturbating often has it's disadvantage? I thought it's been debated and agreed that doing it often is fine? fml...


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            If you're masturbating to porn you may very well be negatively conditioning yourself and depleting your libido.

            The following might be worth reading: The Detraining Effect: Understanding and Reversing Negative Habits To Improve Erection Quality and Sexual Confidence
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