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  • Midshaft girth

    Hello everyone! I've run into a dilemma. My girlfriend says I'm thick which is nice, but it's hard to believe her for one reason. This is because I've noticed that my base girth is noticeably bigger in girth than my midshaft. I haven't measured my base, but my midshaft is 5.0-5.1.
    How can increase this and make it even throughout the entire length? I want to make sure than I am definitely good. Maybe from masturbation over the years? I know it's bad to ponder this so much. But, alas..
    Please, any advice would be wonderful!

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    For now stick with jelqing at a higher erection level of about 70%. You can start the jelq where your girth starts to taper down and that will work on the girth above it to help even it out. After you are conditioned you can start some advance exercises, such as ULI's, that will work the girth above the base with more intensity.
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      The Squeeze exercise would be perfert for targeting mid-shaft girth. Make sure to place the base hand not too snug against the base to ensure the mid-shaft gets the brunt of the work.
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