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How can I ejaculate precum more often?

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  • How can I ejaculate precum more often?

    It very rarely happens. It might have even only happened twice or thrice in my life so far. But today it happened again. I ejaculated precum. And would like to do this more often. And I'm not talking about dripping precum, I mean shooting a big squirt of precum out of your penis. Almost like how you normally cum, but instead of normal cum I got a clear liquid instead (without the white stuff).

    It happened after quite a long edging session. I felt like I was going to cum, but shot precum instead. Are there any routines or things I can do, to do this more often?

    Because it feels just like a dry orgasm. Your hornyness doesn't disappear, and you're still erect.

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    I know what you're talking about and it only happens to me if I'm having sex and using the pullout method. I have no idea why it happens but like you said, you maintain your hornyness!!!


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      Certain Supplements help with that & having a good Edging/Ballooning Routine without ejaculation helps with that.

      Also it's about 100% depending on your Pelvic Floor balance & strength with Kegels & RK'S