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Girth after jerking?

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  • Girth after jerking?

    I don't know how to type this question but something weird happened, I had a jerk session last night, I wasn't using any lube and was rubbing it for almost 2 hours (phone sex and video sex), I was rock hard the entire time. When I woke up this morning my mid shaft was thicker, like a lot thicker, not swelling or red without any pain. I love the new look but it goes away...
    My question is: what can it be? Is it bad? Will it affect my girth and length if I keep doing it?
    Sorry for lousy English.

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    How often do you edge for that duration? Edging can increase size, the reason it's not the best exercise for that is because the body adapts to it so quickly. If 2 hours is much longer than normal, your body could have interpreted it as an exercise and you might have good PIs from it.

    After edging my flaccid hangs longer than normal, but not into the next day.


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      It was the first time I edged for that long. My penis is much wider for 2 days now, I hope it stays that way. Is it good if I edge for that long every time?


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        Only you can decide that. Keep an eye on your PIs (good or bad). If you find that edging for 2 hours and also exercising is making your penis tired, not getting strong erections etc, then maybe cut down. If, on the other hand, you see good gains and good PIs then continue!


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          I'll keep on going cause I love the new look, I'll throw EQ exercises once a week.