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JP90 and erection

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  • JP90 and erection

    JP90 says to have 60-70 erection level.

    Is it mandatory?

    I have been doing since 6 weeks on 20-30 erection level. not much gains so far.

    Also, do you guys use porn to get hard for PE?

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    70% is pretty mandatory, although I am not saying you didn't gain because of that reason alone.

    The more erect you are the more blood you have in your penis.
    At 70% erect the penis has a lot of blood and you can still "push" blood forward, which you can't really do at 100%, and if you do you may injure yourself.

    Anyway, don't give up man, complete your conditioning routine, measure again after 6 weeks and change your routine.
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      im on your boat i haven't seen much change in measurements and ive been at it for 5 weeks. I decided to not measure untill the end of the 3 months so i can really evaluate.