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New to this website, opinions needed on plan

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  • New to this website, opinions needed on plan

    Hello I'm brand new to this pegym and still am skeptical about this whole penis enlargement stuff. I just wanted to get your guys' opinion on a workout plan I was gonna use that I just started today

    Take l-Argenine in the morning
    500 mg of blue green algae
    Gym for 1 hour
    Warm up penis in shower for 5 mins while performing Kerala
    Penis stretching for 10 mins
    Jelqing for 15 mins
    Side slaps and stretching for 5 mins
    Cool down for 5 mins

    This was taken but a little bit modified from a book suggesting this. Can I get any opinions on this workout plan?

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    Welcome to the gym!

    Your routine is good for starting out, but I would suggest that you start off with one of the PEgym's beginner routines such as the JP90(JonPop-Intense Beginner Routine) This, as well as all of the other essential information you will need, can be found in the START HERE! link at the top left of the page. I'm not sure what book it is that you have but you will find a lot of great free information here as well as a lot of support from the great members on the forum. Do plenty of reading and ask questions if there is anything you don't understand.

    Beginner's Guide-What to Expect
    To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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      Moved to Beginners Forum.
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        Got any buttered scones spare?
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          Thank you for the insight, would you still prefer me taking the blue green algae? And based off of your beginners guide and the supplements I am taking when should I see that inch change in length and girth?