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Rest Week Negative for Me

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  • Rest Week Negative for Me

    So I am new and have been at PE for about 5 months mainly to cure ED which I have fought for years (57 birthdays takes its toll). All was going well as I completed the JP90 and then added a Bathmate to my routine. Since I travel for work I had been doing my PE in the mornings in my hotel room, lots of privacy there. Things were progressing very nicely as I actually was able to have sex with my wife without using pills, big deal for some of us. also happened to grow a little in girth and length which was an added benefit.
    So I thought well this week I will not be traveling and maybe I should try a rest week. So many have said that it really helped. All week I did nothing no jelq, no stretch, no pump, no edge, no balloon and guess what. I turtled like I just came out of a cold shower, morning wood did not happen once. Had sex with the wife one morning and it worked okay but not what I would call a 10 for EQ. More like maybe a 7.
    I guess I am not ready to back off yet. Anyone have an opinion?

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    When I experienced similar, I extended break until (for me) morning wood got better.
    You can do some 'lite' pe,gentle jelqing, during break, I did, and it helped give me some peace of mind.

    Nothing real strenuous.

    There are times, when you just have to see what will work for you.
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      Weight lifters de-load after 10-12 weeks by either taking an entire week off, or by doing their workouts at 50% of the weight. If taking a week off is unsatisfactory, you could simply do your normal routine at 50% of the duration/intensity and see if that yields more desirable results.
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        I was the same way. Everyone is different I guess. It certainly makes sense that a rest week after 3 monts+ of PE would be beneficial but I always find the more days off I take in a row, the more challenging my workout is when I return.
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          Thanks for the help. I think I will start back next week, light workouts. I was just so strange that I had a few nights during the week that I had night wood but no morning wood at all. Even though I was getting both during the previous month. Looks like I found what I need to do.