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when to take measurements

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  • when to take measurements

    I was just wondering when people take their measurements

    are you doing it before your workout routine or are you doing it after. so im guessing the results are slightly pumped up that way.

    I have been taking mine before so just wondered if this was the right time to do it

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    I'm kind of conflicted with this but I do it during the routine and before edging.


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      Some like to measure at the peak of their Stop and Starts. Others their morning wood. Pick a time when you'll know your erections will be consistent and at their maximal state.
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        During an edging session, but do it 2-3 days after your last PE session. PE sessions give you temporary expansion for a few days after and may give unclear/distorted gains.
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          ok brilliant. thanks for all the help.

          yeah I don't want to give a false reading straight after PE even though it would be a nice ego boost lol.

          so erect penis after edging session when most blood will be in there, and flaccid state a couple of days after PE so probably on a rest day