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Lig popping- good, bad, or meaningless?

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  • Lig popping- good, bad, or meaningless?

    I've been doing the JP90 routine and when doing the circle stretches I can feel the ligs popping. It isn't really audible but you can see it and it looks kinda like you're plucking a guitar string. At first it was only on my left side and at the 5 o'clock position. Now a month later it's both ligs at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. 6 o'clock being straight down, 12 o'clock being straight up.

    It feels weird but I'm wondering if this is a good or bad thing. I've read the Lig pop what does it mean thread but was hoping for more advice. I'm hoping it's an indicator of growth but nothing has happened in the 3 months of jp90. FWIW my LOT is at 6 o'clock as well. Should I keep popping the lig or is it pointless for growth? If it's a positive indicator for growth should I throw in some ADS or mild hanging?

    I tried ADS for around 3-4 hours day and some minor hanging of 1-2lbs also at 1 hr/day a few years back but didn't get any gains except for maybe .33" in flaccid. Wondering if I should reincorporate them again.

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    Hello and welcome!!!
    Lig pops are normal. LOT is BS, don't prioritize it. Your exit point is the best indicator of lig gains.
    Good luck and happy gains!!
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      Welcome to the gym!

      Lig pops are nothing to worry about.

      What the hell is up with lig pops???

      Having a 6 o'clock LOT and being able to visibly see your ligs while stretching contradict each other. Having a low LOT means that the ligs are very low on the pubic bone/shaft and there is very little to be gained by trying to stretch them out. If you have a low LOT you it's unlikely that you would be able to see the ligs while stretching. As Hans mention, your exit point is a better indicator of if there is potential gains to be made by stretching the ligs.

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        welcome aboard!

        keep with the program. looking forward to seeing your gains.

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          Aye wonkers!

          Welcome to the jungle!

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