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  • JP90 not enough?

    After months of lurking and reading, i finally started the jp90 routine three weeks ago. I started with the full routine instead of building up to it because i felt that i was already pretty well conditioned (the way i have always masturbated is like a softer gripped jelq and i edge everytime i masturbate)

    After a little over a week i bought a set of canning tongs to use instead of my hands because they were getting sore as i use a decent amount of pressure in my grip, plus figured it would help me grow wider since I have a large cs.

    Anyway, everything is going great with my PIs. Much longer flaccid hang all day (1/2 - 3/4in) and random erections throughout the day. The stretches are feeling great; I can feel the soreness in my ligs. The girth work however, I feel nothing and am not seeing any positive changes or negative for that matter.

    So should I step it up with the jelqs or maybe try more advanced girth exercises? Or just stick it out with the jp90 girth routine? Thanks guys

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    From everything I read the jp90 is actually just a conditioning program for further pe. It just so happens that some guys see gains from it. I guess it would best to just continue with your program, hopefully you get some gains, and afterwards begin a routine that will more likely give you whichever gains you are looking for .. good luck .
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      The suggested method of PE is to embarq on a conditioning program - such as JP90 - so that we can prepare our penis and pelvic floor and and and for the more intense work outs that will follow. There are also intermediate and advanced programs available....just click on the START button.

      So, this is the the first 90 days.....where we figure out what works for us (and keep in mind that we are all what works for me might not work for you....if might, but it might not) and we build a foundation. Usually, we do some length work and some girth work and some EQ work (with EQ being both super hard erections and stamina). But, that all depends on your goals and needs.

      So, in the 'if it aint broke, then dont fix it' thought process......

      It seems like your EQ is going well and that your length work is going great. If you have no negative PIs then I might suggest that you amp up your girth work. Do it slowly and be smart and safe and use common sense.

      I would strongly suggest that you stop masturbating and strongly strongly suggest that you get rid of porn. Just general comments. You are free to disagree and to continue. No worries! :-)
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        Most guys seem to gain decent length but not too much girth from JP90. If you're looking for girth, try Big Al's Squeeze after another 5-9 weeks and from there transition to Ulis.
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        BEG: 5ish (not a good measurement)

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        BPEL: 8"+
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          Thanks for the responses. I have no intention of stopping the jp90, I will continue to work it till the end but I will probably try the squeezes after a few more weeks.

          I also agree about the masturbation. I always thought it was a good thing to do about once a week, but I have changed my mind on that. Now that my flaccid length has grown i notice this a lot more; after cumming, my penis really shrivels up compared to the full hang that I have had all day the past two weeks. This does not happen after edging with no release, so I will be abstaining from ejaculation. Same with porn. The habit of using porn for masturbation has got to be corrected.