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  • Advice for a starter?

    Hi I am planning to do PE from today. What advice would you give for a starter about techniques, duration and all of its basics? Should kegels be involved and stuff?

    My sizes Are:
    Erect 14cm(5'5")
    Flaccid 8.5cm(3'3")
    Erect 16cm (6'3")
    Flaccid 10cm(3'9")

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    Oh and how often in a week?


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      Hey jk!

      Welcome to the Gym.

      It would be a good idea to click on the Start Here button at the top left of the page. Lots of good information on what the Gym is all about, including best practices and safety tips.

      It is always recommended to start with a beginners routine and continue with it for 90 days or until you stop gaining. Start slowly and build up to the full routine over a few weeks.

      Jelq with an erection level between 40 and 70%. When stretching, grab your shaft about one inch below the glans and do not pull too hard, just enough to to feel a slight stretch. Let your PIs be your guide as to how hard to peruse your routine.

      Dont forget to take good starting measurements and photos so you have a solid base to compare your gains to.

      PE safely and good luck with your endeavors.
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      12/11 NBPEL - 5.1, MSEG - 5
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      01/14 NBPEL - 5.35, MSEG - 5.25
      01/16 NBPEL - 5.4, MSEG - 5.5
      Fat Pad = 1+/-

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        My 0.02....JP90....find it, print it and don't get on boards again until you've done it. Measure today....then at end of JP90.

        I say don't get on boards because you will get FOMO (fear of missing out). Someone always has a better routine.

        (Wish I took that advice then and now!)

        Also, Stay manual for a good 8-12 months. At the end of JP90. I'd consider a Bathmate and Then start using that with DLD hardcore stretches with JP90 for 3 months.

        By then u will be SAFELY well on your way to doing more advanced exercises

        Edge...edge....edge some more. Great to have a big tool... but u can be a sex star if u can teach yourself to last for hours.

        Good works if u work it
        Dec 1, 2015
        BPEL: 6.5
        NBPEL: 6 inches
        EG: 6.25
        November 2016 (1 year of PE)
        BPEL: 7 3/4 inches
        NBPEL: 7 1/4 inches
        MEG: 6.6

        Goal Short Term 24mos
        BPEL: 8
        EG: 7


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          Welcome to the gym!

          All the essential information you will need to get started off safely and effectively can be found in the START HERE! link at the top left of the page. The JP90(JonPop-Intense Beginner Routine) is a great beginner routine that many start off with. Start off light and work your way up slowly to the full routine. Don't hesitate to ask questions if there is anything you don't understand, the members here are very helpful.
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            Start slowly, 2 days on 1 day off. Do half the JP90 and slowly build up until you are doing the whole routine after 3 weeks. Then you can try adding to the day count. Stay consistent, persistent and safe and you will reach your goals.


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              To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.