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Are reverse kegels necessary to balance PF?

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  • Are reverse kegels necessary to balance PF?

    How do you do front & back reverse kegels? If someone wants to balance their pelvic floor, how should they test for the areas that need strengthening? I'm saying this because my erection quality during jelqs die down fairly quickly with a light grip.

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    How much other stimulation/porn is there outside of training?
    This should help:
    Confusion with Reverse Kegels

    Reverse kegel for newbie ( yes, that's me )
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      I'm a week clean from PE & masturbation, but I don't know if that's long enough for a recovery to improve my EQ. I've clicked on the links you provided and from what I understand is that doing front RK's can help prevent involuntary contractions from masturbating too fast to porn. I also read that RK's can be combined with kegels to balance the PF.

      If that's the case will eventually working up to:
      50 x 5 sec kegels
      50 x 5 sec front reverse kegels

      be a safe way to balance the PF & improve EQ for a beginner?


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        2 weeks is ideal,
        Yes, kegels strengthen, and that's it. Reverse kegels keep the pelvic floor relaxed and when you combine then with hindis, it stretches the muscle allowing more relaxation during stimulation, eliminating those pesky, IKs spasms, thus alleviating Pre E.
        That's a good routine as long as there is no tension in the PF, if you have pre E, you may want to stick to hindis and reverse kegels until you can get rid of IKs.
        Kegels are also good for PE, make sure that you read the PE and the PF section in my thread to go about doing stamina training (kegels, reverse kegel, and edging) safely.
        You should also be doing hindis in addition to that routine regardless.
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          So another week it is. Looking at my penis I can see a more relaxed flaccid better than the hard flaccid I had the previous week before I decided to lay off PE and masturbation. Read you signature, at least your first post and the only signs of a PF dysfunction I can suspect I have is Pre-E, IK and/or HF. If this is true, I could possibly only have mild tension in my PF. Do you think it is safe for my PF and EQ to start doing kegels & reverse kegels at this stage of my abstinence or is it too early?