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3 weeks in, got a couple of questions/comments

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  • 3 weeks in, got a couple of questions/comments

    So I'm 3 weeks into JP90. I have seen a nice difference in flacid "fullness", it just hangs better in general and feels heavier. Also have some noticeable veins, and it feels heavier after sex.

    I have not had an increase in EQ, and have seen a drop in morning and random daytime erections. I switched to a 2-1 schedule so hopefully that will help.

    I don't do a ton of stretching, just a few 30 second stretches and then the jelqs.

    My question is twofold: is it ok to do the routine in 2 parts, as in half at night/half morning?

    Second, I would like to introduce the Bathmate but I'm unsure as the best time to use it. Should I got seperate or use it after jelquing?

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    It's not too much of a problem if you want to break up your routine. Some guys will do their stretching and jelqing in separate sessions. In my personal opinion I think it's more effective to do it all in one session.

    You should hold off on using the bathmate for now. You have experienced some negative PI's and will need to experiment and fine tune your routine to get back to the optimal level of your routine. Work on conditioning your penis first. Later you can start adding the bathmate slowly into your routine.
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      Is there any issue with a 1 on 1 off routine?


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        One on one off is a good routine for many guys. If your morning wood has been reduced, than try the one on one and see if it helps.
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          I moved to 1-1 for now. Had a pretty good workout this morning and measured a hair over 6.5" BPEL. Could have just been a good erection but it's slightly over the 6.25 from 3 weeks ago. I'll measure again in 2 weeks to confirm. No girth gains. Doing 150 jelqs (150 each hand correct?) and 90 V jelqs (45 each) after light stretching.

          I have had morning wood but it's not raging. Hopefully the 1-1 will help. Still wanting to target girth more.