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Anyone who have gained 9mm/0.35 inches width/girth?

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  • Anyone who have gained 9mm/0.35 inches width/girth?

    Hey everyone, I've been here for a couple of weeks but I've been very busy so I've ended up forgetting about PEGym.

    Anyway, my goal is 9mm erect girth, I measure by ruler btw, it's the only measure technique I'm familier with. I just wanna know if anyone here have reached that? Which exercises did you use/recommend? I know that jelqs and stretches are popular for girth, but I'm kinda confused about how they are correctly performed.
    You can see my measurements on my profile if interested.

    Though I'm not interested in extra length as I prefer my current length, is my girth goal possible or too much? Techniques, routines, and personal experience is highly appreciated.

    Another question, will jelqs make my foreskin longer? Not that it's a problem.

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    There is great information about all the excersizes in here. Pick a good beginner's routine and start at about half the repetitions. Then slowly add until you are doing the full program in 3 weeks.

    Staying consistent is the key. You can reach your goal if you stay consistent.


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      Welcome to the gym!

      If you only have a ruler then use this method to measure your girth. Take a string and wrap it around your penis at mid shaft. Mark it where the where the end of the string meets the string that wrapped around. Now you can take the string and lay it out straight and measure it with the ruler.

      Your goal is realistic, there have been plenty of guys who have gained that and more. Here is a list of some of our biggest gainers. PE Gym Top Performers
      To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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        I'm kinda interested in knowing how you all manage to stay semi-erect while doing jelqs. I get hard quite easily and I barely jelq for a minute or two before I'm almost fully erect. Can you tell me why many here don't recommend jelqing while erect? Some also say you shouldn't do it on the glans and therefore stop before your grip touches it, is there an important reason for that?


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          When I started I always reached almost full erection only after a few jelqs, so I guess it's something normal for a beginner. You will get used to the exercises and your unit won't confuse jelquing with masturbation anymore.
          Jelquing with a high level of erection can be dangerous, expecially when still a beginner. Also the glans is a very sensible part so I guess you should avoid putting strain on it, that's why you have to stop the jelq before you reach the glans. Also if you are a beginner I recommend you to use a light grip for jelq, since not a lot of pressure is required for pushing the blood up your shaft.
          Workout safe!


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            Yes the glans is a sensitive structure. It is also a seperate structure from the CC. It is part of the CS. So you don't want to injure the junction point between penis and glans.

            Erect jelqs are more dangerous as the tissues are engorged with blood so there is less room for expanding and pushing blood through the CCs. Very much more intense and liable to cause injury.


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              Sounds true and makes sense. Does it work while being completely soft? I've done it before some times but it doesn't take long before I get semi-erect.