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i keep getting erections

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  • i keep getting erections

    im new to PEGym, and when im stretching and jelqing, i keep getting erections, so i wait for a few seconds and let my erection go down and continue. do you think this will effect gains? or is this normal at the beginning?

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    hey man, I started a few weeks ago. You'll stop getting erections often as time goes on. Took me a few weeks. In fact, I ddin't jelp at all last week cuz i kept beating off lol, and needed to stop cuz overtraining. But today and yesterday were my first days back, Im surprised . . . no erections. Just watched random youtube vids when doing it, try not to look down there.
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      Stop jelqing below the glans, keep one more cm away from your glans, helped for me.
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        This is a common newbie issue. Think of PE like working out (lifting) at the gym. Focus your mind on the fact you're getting healthy exercise, not sexually stimulating yourself. Do not stimulate your frenulem on your upstroke; instead focus your grip pressure along the sides of your penis (corporous cavernosa) to push blood into your glans. In a couple of weeks, your brain & penis will get in sync and your erection % will decline to 65-75% for PE, which is where you need to be for jelqs as a beginner.


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          This is an issue I'd love to be having
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