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Kegels in JP90?

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  • Kegels in JP90?

    I recently started the JP90 begginers program about a week ago and have a question involving the kegels. I know I perform the Kegel while I stretch to feel the tug however does anyone know if there is any reccomendation on how long or the duration of the kegel hold itself? I always use to to do Kegels just walking around. So do I just have to flex the muscle then do another one quickly or wait a second and do it again is my question really.

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    Kegel contract for 1 second, relax for 3 seconds, etc etc.

    ...or however you wanna do it! Welcome to the gym

    You never slow down, you never grow old!


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      Thanks man. When I was like 16 or 17 I dabbled with PE never saw results so look forward to seeing them now. Hopefully after I condition with JP90.