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    I was wondering two things:

    1. Are red spots on the glans after a workout(only a few) normal, or does that mean I am jelqing to hard?

    2. How can I figure out whether or not I should take a break day? Should I measure my BPFSL and if it is the same or longer I can go for it?

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    Hey chromoxnh, you might want to consider looking up threads on physical indicators. I'm not sure how to attach links otherwise i would. anyways, unless someone else can post a link to the right thread just do a search in the forums on Physical Indicators or PI's. I think there may also be an article on it...

    Also, if you have not read about jp's 90 day beginner routine i would highly recommend it because it has some information on when to take a break.

    Hope i pointed you in the right direction, good luck!