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A few basic questions about JP's 90 day

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  • A few basic questions about JP's 90 day

    Hi, just a few questions here:

    1. It is okay to masturbate right before doing this exercise to prevent erection from constantly occurring?

    2. While wet jelqing its very hard not to pull up foreskin, the head is pretty much covered the whole time, is this normal?

    3. How hard should I jelq? I heard a grip too tight will shrink the penis? what is too tight?

    Thank you for your time!

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    reply on Jps routine

    Hi TryForSize,

    I am on 9th week of routine and its a good one-my views are below but perhaps a vet can confirm or offer more advice

    1. I believe many people do this if it helps with session and keeping control of erection.

    2. Its quite normal-I am uncut too.Ensure when you have one hand jelqing approaching the glans head,you put the other one in initially pressing back against your pubic bone so you are therefore stretching the penis and naturally your foreskin.You will feel the pull back on your foreskin as the blood pumps into the glans and gets bigger so you are doing it right.Of course you are alternating hands in an almost seamless motion.

    3.This is for you to figure out-I find it hard to adjust and would say I jelq at 6 on a 1-10-scale which might be pushing it.I am comfortable after a session but do get friction and small tears on the skin surface-so use a lube.
    If you are getting discomfort or pain after a session then please ensure you lighten the grip-the point is to ensure your penis is engorged whilst doing the lightest possible grip.

    good luck!

    give a man a fish and you feed him for a day-teach him how to make a huge rod..


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      oh ok response

      Oh no problem TryForsize,you are welcome.


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        As for how hard to jelq, you may want to check out this thread.
        Started on 03/04/2010
        BPEL:6.69" EG:5.06"
        Current as of 06/17/2010
        BPEL:7.18" EG:5.25


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          thanks for the thread

          Hi LOL,

          thanks for this thread its really useful-though how he can feel anything wearing those ridiculous gloves!

          (incidentally,tryforSize seems to have started 30 other threads and forgotten this one)



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            ncurt, appreciate your comment, I definitely read it and took the advice, I got so many questions lol, I dont jelq hard enough that theres pain, but hard enough so you can notice the blood filling the top

            thanks guys