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3 Months but no gains? What am i missing?

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  • 3 Months but no gains? What am i missing?

    Hi there,

    newbie to this whole thing. stumbled upon this information a couple of months ago and have been putting in some work to try and make some gains but now it has been 12 weeks and I haven't gained anything as far as I can tell.

    I warm up simply by putting my penis into a jug of hot water or something for 5 minutes or so. not sure if this is where I am going wrong but I would of thought this would do the trick. I started off trying to dry jelq as i thought that this would save me some time and cleanup without lubricant. I think at the time i was getting harder erections but i found that i didnt start seeing real results until i soon changed my mind on this and switched to wet jelq. then I started seeing more veins increasing up the sides of my penis.

    I started off doing warm up, followed by stretches for 30 secs in each direction, up, down, left, right, few diagonal stretches and then a few 360 rotations. Then wet jelq for 50 reps each day for 5 days a week. but then this routine didnt work for me like i wanted it to. so i looked on the forums and found babbis beginner routine to jelq 150 reps once every 3 days. i still see vascularity in my dick and continue to do some stretches but am i doing too little? what should I be doing to push my growth spirt in the right direction? I heard that having rest days is the best possible start for PE but its been like 12 weeks now and i havent noticed anything other than just thinking I am bigger when i look after a jelq xD

    Any advice for pushing gains would be appreciated. especially girth I want to work on. FYI I am 6.1 in length and 4.8 in grith. my short term goal is to try and achieve 7 x 5.5 within the next few months but I need to find something that gets me results lol.

    Thanks for your time and help!
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    Give JP90 a whirl!

    You never slow down, you never grow old!


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      Please do yourself a big favor; start a daily log and make regular entries.

      When you need help, point users to your log (or put log url in your signature).
      This will make it easier for others to see what you have been doing. It also helps keep you 'regular', lol.
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