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PJ90 3rd week - Jelqing questions

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  • PJ90 3rd week - Jelqing questions

    Hey guys,

    I'm into my 3rd week of PJ90. So far I noticed minimal gains but I feel like they came from the edging rather than the jelqing. To be fair I've been jelqing for 2 weeks at 30-40% instead of 70% recommended. We'll see in the coming weeks where it goes.

    Anyway, I have a couple of questions for you guys. When jelqing for the past 3 sessions I could really feel the micro breaches in my shaft at each jelq. Is this a sign of a proper workout? Should I keep going like that?

    When jelqing, should I relax the pelvic muscles or can I contract it during the jelqing session?
    When jelqing, do you also kind of stretch the shaft? or not at all?

    Also, do you guys do the 5 min warm down? I usually don't. Could that be the reason I'm not gaining?

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    Yes feeling the inner structures is normal.
    You may want a little more erection level.
    You should extend the penis some while jelqing.
    It is normal for gains to take longer than 3 weeks. This is a process, and you need to understand it takes time.
    Try to kegel and reverse kegel. Don't be reliant on kegels.


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      You're saying I should do more than 70%? like between 70-90%?
      About the kegel, I meant: Do you relax during jeqling or can you do kegels while jelqing? I have issues remaining at 70% during the jelqing sessions and I think kegels could help.


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        Don't jelq beyond 70%. Jelqing at the lower erection levels you have been doing will focus more on length. The higher levels focus more on girth. The kegel/reverse kegels should be separate, however if doing some quick kegels to bring your erection level helps then that is fine.
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          relaxed, unrealxed, kegel, reverse kegel, do it all man ur still so new into it that u dont know what works for u.
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